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Empty Bowls Anything But...Event a Huge Success



Empty Bowls Event Surpasses Expectations.
At the end of the day, all the bowls were gone.
Ferrum, Va. (November 8, 2010) – Ferrum College students and faculty are more than satisfied with the results of the first-ever “Empty Bowls” event which raised more than $2400 to feed the hungry. The event was held on Sunday, November 7 in the Blue Ridge Mountain Room on the campus of Ferrum College.
“We didn’t have any bowls left by the time we wrapped things up at 3:00 p.m.,” said event co-creator Jeff Dalton, Ferrum College assistant professor of art. Dalton said the very last customer wound up eating soup from a paper bowl.   An estimated 200 people, including students, staff and the public, turned out to pay $10.00 for a
hand-made pottery bowl filled with vegetable soup and a side of artisan bread. Once finished, they were able to take the bowl home. 
Nell Fredericksen, a local artist and member of the Blue Ridge Potter’s Guild, was instrumental in bringing this project together.   The Guild made the bowls along with Ferrum College students and faculty.  The event was also supported by Ferrum College Dining Services which made the soup using produce from local growers.
“This was huge. It exceeded our expectations,” said Dalton.   Dalton said he and event co-creator, Dr. Glen Stevens didn’t know what kind of response they would get. “We were hoping for maybe 100 people,” he said. Dalton said the event would return next year and that, “we will be making a lot more bowls.”
The project was part of Dalton’s and Stevens’ Freshman Gateway class. Its purpose is to educate students about how they can make a positive difference in their communities. “We saw the impact click with a number of students,” said Stevens. “Many students stayed on even after their shifts were over. They were able to see and feel the effect of doing something positive for the community.”
Dalton said he would be presenting a check to the Panther Packs Program later this week. Panther Packs provides food for hungry children at Ferrum Elementary School.