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“Bones” Experts Reunite on Ferrum College Campus


“Bones” Experts Reunite on Ferrum College Campus
Father and Daughter introduce Longwood University Honors Students to the Science of Ferrum College’s Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab.

Ferrum, Va. (Nov. 4, 2011) – Ferrum College Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Katie Jordan Goff welcomed her father Dr. James Jordan and a group of Longwood University honors students to the Ferrum College campus this rainy Friday morning.

The father and daughter, who combined their expertise in archaeological analysis and forensic anthropology to serve as consultants on a 2010 episode of the Fox Series “Bones,” collaborated this time to introduce the Longwood students to physical anthropology in the College’s Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab.

Dr. Jordan, a Longwood University professor of anthropology for more than three decades, accompanied the 14 students from his Honors Introduction to Anthropology class during their visit to Ferrum College. Touring the lab with Dr. Goff, who teaches anatomy and physiology, the students observed and handled human cadavers as part of the physical anthropology portion of their course.

Later Friday afternoon following lunch on campus, the Longwood students focused on cultural anthropology at the Blue Ridge Institute and Museum as they examined structures, tools, animals and artifacts relating to mountain folk culture with Vaughn Webb, the Institute’s assistant director.