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Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre Opens 2011 Season with Radio Gals


Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre Opens 2011 Season with Radio Gals

Hazel (Jody D. Brown) advises her radio orchestra as they leave for Franklin County in the new musical, Radio Gals. The cast features (left to right, front row) Richard Jordan Estose, Bussy Gower, Ruth Trochim; (left to right, second row) Emily Rose Tucker , Susanna Allen, Kayla Kennedy, Rachel K. Blankenship, Mary Allison, Jody D. Brown; (third row) Nate Buursma. This group of singers, dancers, musicians, and comedians will arrive at the Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre on June 7 with performances running until June 18. For reservations, call the BRDT box office at 540-365-4335 or email, brdt@ferrum.edu.

Some folks may find it hard to believe, but there was a time when radio was a newfangled miracle, and trailblazers like Hazel C. Hunt (Jody D. Brown) of Cedar Ridge, Ark., operated little 500-watt stations like WGAL right out of their front parlor. Hazel depends on the Hazelnuts--Miss Mabel (Susanna Allen), Miss Azilee (Bussy Gower), and Miss Florentine (Mary Allison) Swindle; the effervescent America (Kayla Kennedy); the wholesome Rennabelle (Rachel K. Blankenship); and her best friend, the romantic Gladys Fritts (Emily Rose Tucker)—to provide the entertainment for WGAL.

Radio Gals, a lively, cheery, nostalgia-dipped musical by Mike Craver and Mark Hardwick recreates the days in the 1920's when Herbert Hoover was still Secretary of Commerce, and his envoys, like a stodgy bureaucrat, O. B. Abbott (Nate Buursma), were abroad in the land, determining whether stations like WGAL met the federal broadcast standards.

Radio Gals, directed by R. Rex Stephenson, keeps the old-fashioned musical numbers, country humor, conflict with government and romance between Gladys and O. B. coming fast enough to charm the ear and occupy the eye throughout the production. The cast displays an impressive array of talent on a variety of instruments. The production is underwritten by Franklin Community Bank.

All shows are preceded by a three-course meal except the new Friday Family Night on June 17. The meal is buffet style with actors in the company serving drinks and dessert. Performances include matinees on June 8, 9, 14, and 15, as well as evening shows on June 11 and 18. For further information and tickets, call 540-365-4335 or email brdt@ferrum.edu.


For more information, contact:

R. Rex Stephenson, Artistic Director

Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre