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600 Ferrum College Students and Community Members Learn the Meaning of the College's Motto "Not Self, But Others."


On Sunday, September 2, 600 Ferrum College students and community members learned the meaning of the College's motto "Not Self, But Others" by working together to package 108,000 meals for the hungry in a campus Stop Hunger Now Event.

"How fitting and appropriate that the first event of this centennial year was the Stop Hunger Now project this past Sunday. With most of our students and many faculty and staff participating, and the additional support of area churches and service organizations, we prepared 108,000 meals for the hungry of the world," said Ferrum College President Jennifer Braaten. "There can be no more exciting and visible way to express the ethos and motto of Ferrum,  'Not Self, but Others,' than by having so many working together to accomplish this goal."Stop Hunger Now Memento

Photo information: In the top right photo, students and community members at work packaging meals during the Stop Hunger Now event. In the bottom left photo, President Braaten (left) and Career Services Director Rol Walters show off the Stop Hunger Now memento awarded to the College to commemorate Sunday's event.

Watch a video about the event here: http://youtu.be/7pOoxoG5glo

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