Paul Posner

Dr. Paul Posner

Director, Centers on the Public Service, George Mason University, former Director of Federal Budget and Intergovernmental Relations, Government Accountability Office

Paul L. Posner is the Director of the Graduate Public Administration Program at George Mason University and leads the University’s Center on the Public Service.   He is Immediate Past President of the American Society for Public Administration and is a board member of the National Academy of Public Administration.

Posner was formerly with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), leading their federal budget and intergovernmental work for 14 years. During this period, he led GAO’s work developing long term models of the federal budget, outlining opportunities for reform in major federal programs, and recommending changes to the budget process to provide greater visibility to long term issues. He led GAO in examining experiences of other nations with deficits, surpluses and budgetary reforms such as accrual budgeting to provide fresh ideas for budgetary deliberations. He worked closely with the Congress on budget issues, both near and long term, including testimonies on the long term outlook, process reforms to address entitlement growth, performance budgeting and capital budgeting. 

His work on federalism includes his book, The Politics of Unfunded Mandates which won the Martha Derthick Award from APSA’s federalism section. He consults with the OECD Senior Budget Officials and has authored a number of papers comparing budget policies and politics across the advanced nations. In 2005, Posner earned the James Blum Award, conferred by the Association of Budget and Program Analysis to honor outstanding public budgeting leadership.