Mark Warner

The Honorable Mark Warner

U.S. Senator, Virginia , 69th Governor of Virginia, Chair, Forward Together PAC  

Mark Warner was elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2008, and serves on the Senate's Banking, Budget, Commerce and Intelligence committees. Senator Warner has established himself as a national leader in efforts to find bipartisan consensus to create solutions to reduce the federal debt. Senator Warner also is a champion for small businesses, and he has been a leader in Congress in efforts to reduce unnecessary regulations and encourage more start-up businesses.

  • Senator Warner organized the Senate's bipartisan Gang of Six, which spent more than a year producing a comprehensive plan to cut at least $4 trillion from the national debt. The Gang has now expanded to 45 Senators and 100 members of the House, and Senator Warner continues to lead this important bipartisan push for significant deficit and debt reduction.
  • Senator Warner was chosen by his colleagues on the Budget Committee to lead a bipartisan task force that is evaluating the effectiveness of federal agencies and programs. The task force has identified overlap and duplication that wastes taxpayer money.
  • Senator Warner has consistently supported our military men and women, their families and military veterans. He has worked to improve military housing in Hampton Roads, and his efforts led the VA to dramatically expand health services provided to female military veterans suffering from PTSD after duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Senator Warner enlisted the help of several of the nation's leading technology companies to produce a plan, at no cost to the taxpayers, to correct the mistakes and mismanagement recently uncovered at Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Senator Warner also serves as the honorary chairman of A Billion+Change, a philanthropic effort that has enlisted hundreds of U.S. companies so far to donate more than a billion-and-a-half dollars in volunteer service by their employees to support our nation’s nonprofit organizations.

From 2002 to 2006, Senator Warner served as Governor of Virginia, where he worked in a bipartisan way to turn a record budget deficit into a surplus. Governor Warner also focused on improving public education and expanding economic opportunity, and he recruited 135,000 new jobs to Virginia during his four-year term. When Governor Warner left office in 2006, Virginia was recognized as the nation’s “best-managed state," the “best state for business” and the state that offered the best educational opportunities to its young people.

Before entering public office, Senator Warner was an early leader in the cellular phone business. He co-founded the company that became Nextel, and then made early investments in hundreds of start-up companies that created tens-of-thousands of private sector jobs.