Centennial Time Capsule

On October 5th, 2013 Ferrum College buried the Centennial Time Capsule.

  • Dr. Braaten speaks at the Centennial Time Capsule Ceremony
  • Showing off the Time Capsule
  • Current Students helped man the Time Capsule Station
  • Dr. Braaten was the first!
  • Current Students help bury the Time Capsule
  • Faculty and Staff help bury the Time Capsule

Alumni, current students, faculty, and staff all participated in the creation and making of the time capsule. Dr. Braaten spoke and was the first to break ground and add dirt during the burial process. The Time Capusle will be reopened in October 2063 for the school's 150th Anniversary.

Time Capsule List - Ferrum College Centennial Weekend

  • Dr. Jennifer Braaten: Letter from President with Iron Blade showcasing President Braaten’s Tenure
  • Mrs. Mary Braford Shepherd ’67: Football Championship Cheerleading Mug
  • Mrs. Gloria Wright Sweeney ’63: Susanna Wesley Hall Open House booklet
  • Mr. Bruce Friel ’73: Ferrum College Basketball Watch, Championship Ring, Life-Time Football Pass, and Basketball Athletic Plaque
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joe Hart: Campaign Shirt, Glass Mug, and Name Badge from his presidency
  • Student Government Association: Student Officer Photos and Letters, 2013-2014 Student Handbook, Centennial Sunglasses
  • Miscellaneous donor: Small Ferrum College Pewter Cup
  • School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Cell Phone and Charger
  • Blue Ridge Institute: BRI Pamphlet, Badge, Folklife Festival T-Shirt, and Folk Music CD
  • School of Social Sciences: Photo Album
  • Blue Ridge Dinner Theatre: Blue Ridege Dinner Theatre Pamphlet and Notes
  • Science Department: Faculty Photo
  • Athletics Department: Athletic Bag, FC Hat, Football Jersey, various Athletic Pamphlets and Materials
  • Centennial Materials: Campus-Wide Centennial Photo taken on September 27, 2013, Franklin Post Newspaper Article/ with campus wide photo, Golden Panther Pin, Centennial Weekend Event Brochure
  • Chrysalis Brochures