Ferrum College Theatre Arts Presents: The Crazy Quilt

An original production of the tragi-comedy, The Crazy Quilt.
Friday, May 29, 2014  |  7:00pm  |  Sale Theater
The Crazy QuiltA tragi-comedy, this original production explores the tragic plague of dementia that is spreading with the burgeoning baby boom and though sad, it is impossible to escape the humor that is engendered by the totally surreal situations that accompany Alzheimer’s Disease.

In The Crazy Quilt, an ancient woman has slipped into the unreal, dreamlike dimension created by Alzheimer’s. Household pets are humanized instigators for the comic mayhem surrounding the fantasy that accompanies severe dementia. Sarah, the central character, sinks gradually, but deeply into a world half in and half out of life. She is driven to the brink and over by a phalanx of specters that includes her dead husband, her daughter’s wild cats, the eccentric but well meaning neighbors who proceed her into the here-after, their whacky pooch, and a talking turkey dinner plus the would be ghosts from her almost past.

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