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You'll find that Ferrum College is about discovery, values, and community. Many Ferrum College alumni and current students discovered all of the extraordinary opportunities that Ferrum has to offer. However, we realize that it can be difficult to get a feel for what Ferrum College is like without experiencing it first-hand, so we have a group of current student volunteers to blog about their journeys at Ferrum! We hope that by reading their blogs, you will have a better understanding of the excellent opportunities that await you at Ferrum. 

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Amanda R.

 Amanda R.

 Hometown: Lawrenceville, VA

 Blog Topics:

 • Athletics
 • Health & Human Performance
 • Student Life

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  Year:   Sophomore
  Major:  Health and Human Performance for
  Physical Education
  Minor:  Coaching

  Other Activities:
  • Member of Women's Softball Team
  • Physical Activities Club Secretary


 Brett W.

 Hometown:  Richmond, VA

 Blog Topics:

 • Clubs & Activities
 • Boone Honors Program

Year:  Junior
  Major:  Agricultural Science,
  emphases in Horticulture & Agribusiness

  Other Activities:
  • Freshman Mentor
  • Boone Honors Program
  • Scholars in Residence Program
  • Sweetheart for Zeta Chi Epsilon sorority
  • Social Chair on the Executive Board for
    Ferrum Greek Council




 Caleb T.

  Hometown:  Staunton, VA

  Blog Topics:

 • Environmental Science program
  • Research projects
  • Rec Club & Ferrum Outdoors trips
  • Ferrum Community
  • Campus Ministries


Year:  Senior
  Major:  Environmental Science
  Minor:  Outdoor Recreation

  Other Activities:
  • Works with Campus Ministries
  • Vice President of the Rec Club
  • Leadership Fellow
  • Active in local church
  • Has volunteered for Fire & Rescue Squads


 Caoimhe R.

 Hometown:  County Tyrone, Ireland

 Blog Topics:
International student experience
 • Campus Life
 • Academics

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  Year:  Senior
   Major: Business
  Other Activities:
Cross Country Team
  • Lions Branch Club
  • Black Student Union (BSU)
  • Ferrum Outdoors (recreational activities)


 Dannica B.

 Hometown:  Huddersfield, West
 Yorkshire, England
 Currently Living:  Greensboro, NC

 Blog Topics:
Being an international student
 • Program and classes
 • First-time student experience
 • Student Life and activities

  Year:  Sophomore
  Major: Recreation Leadership
  Other Activities:
Art Club
  • Orientation Team
  • Greek Council
  • Kappa Alpha Sigma sorority
  • International Honors Society
  • Ferrum Outdoors

 Delana S.

 Hometown:  Virginia Beach, VA

 Blog Topics:
Student Life
 • Academic programs & classes
 • Ferrum student experience

Year:  Senior
  Majors:  International Studies, Spanish
  Minors:  History, Journalism, and
  Global Perspectives Certificate Program
  Other Activities:
Lambda Sigma Honors Society
  • Theta Gamma Omega (OGO)
  • Leadership Fellows
  • Spanish Club
  • Freshman Mentor
Jessa bio picture

 Jessa K.

 HometownCana, Virginia

 Blog Topics:
 • Club Activities
 • English / Spanish Programs
 • Student and Resident Life

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  Year:  Junior
  Major:  English
  Minor:  Spanish

  Other Activities:
  • Boone Honors Program
  • Honors Advisory Council
  • Member of Lions Branch Club
  • Member of Spanish Club

 Kathleen B

 Kathleen B.

 HometownBumpass, Virginia

 Blog Topics:
 • Events on campus
 • Student Life
 • English-Journalism Program

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  Year:  Sophomore
  Major:  English with Journalism emphasis

  Other Activities:
  • Co-director for Ferrum Praise Team
  • Campus Ministry
  • Improv Club
  • Actress for Legally Blonde the Musical
  • Pledging for Theta Gamma Omega (OGO)


 Laken P.

 Hometown:  Bristol, VA

 Blog Topics:
Student Life/Activities
 • Cheerleading
 • Time Management
 • Why I Chose Ferrum

Year:  Senior
  Majors:  Pre-Professional Science,
  Health & Human Performance

  Other Activities:
  • Boone Honors Program
  • Minds-n-Medicine
  • Member of Cheerleading Team
  • Panther Productions
  • Delta Phi Epsilon sorority sister
  • Admissions Ambassador

Rachel W.

 Rachel W.

 Hometown:  Cana, VA

 Blog Topics:
 • Community Service Projects
 • Resources on Campus
 • Social Work Program


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  Year:  Senior
  Major:  Social Work

  Other Activities:
  • Social Work Club President
  • PAL Tutor
  • Lions Branch Club
  • Leadership Fellows Program
  • Admissions Ambassador
  • E-Term student assistant

Rebecca photo

 Rebecca M.

 Hometown:  Richmond, VA

 Blog Topics:
 • Academic Programs
 • Scholars in Residence
 • College Life

  Rebecca's Blog
  Year:  Junior
  Major:  Liberal Arts
  Minors:  Teacher Education, Criminal Justice

  Other Activities:
  • Scholars in Residence Program
  • Freshman Seminar mentor
  • Orientation Team (captain)
  • Work-study

Stephanie D

 Stephanie D.

 Hometown: Chesapeake, VA

 Blog Topics:
 • Academic Programs
 • Residence Life
 • Student Life

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  Year:  Senior
  Major:  Criminal Justice
  Minors:  Sociology and Accounting

  Other Activities:
  • Cheerleading (captain)
  • Resident Assistant
  • Theta Gamma Omega
  • Criminal Justice Club

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