Fire Safety Report 2012

Ferrum College Higher Education Opportunity Act

Annual Campus Fire Safety Annual Compliance Report—2012

The Higher Education Act became law in August 2008, requiring all United States academic institutions to produce an annual fire safety report outlining fire safety practices, standards, and all fire-related on-campus statistics.  The following report details all information required by law as it relates to Ferrum College.

At Ferrum College, residence halls East Bassett, Arthur, Moore, Roberts, Clark and Dyer Halls are covered by an automatic sprinkler and fire alarm system, which is monitored 24 hours/day, seven days/week.  Chapman, Susannah Wesley, North Bassett and Riddick Halls are covered by a fire alarm system which is monitored 24 hours/day, seven days/week; none of these four buildings have an automatic sprinkler system.  All systems are checked two times per year and all detectors are checked on an annual basis.  For residence halls without generators, fire alarm systems have a battery back-up.  Apartments which house students are equipped with smoke detectors, which are checked on an annual basis.  Students housed in college owned apartments are given fire safety information including the 911 address of their respective apartment.

All residence hall staff undergo fire safety training prior to the beginning of the Fall semester.   All residence hall students are given fire safety information which is covered by RAs during the first week of classes.  This information covers basic fire safety and what appropriate action to take during a fire alarm or fire emergency.  Fire evacuation routes are posted in each of the residence halls.  Fire drills are conducted twice per year in coordination with Residence Life, Physical Plant, Emergency Services and Campus Police.

Fire Safety Policies, as listed in the Student Handbook, discusses tampering with fire equipment; evacuation procedures; use of electrical appliances; open flames; room decorations; room capacity regulations; and wooden constructions, (lofts).  These regulations are reviewed and enforced by RAs and other college officials.

Local fire departments and public safety officials are invited on campus to maintain an open dialogue in response to campus procedures, response protocol, access and education of campus fire alarm and fire suppression systems, and possible training opportunities on campus.

There was one fire, resulting in minor property damage during this reporting period, and  no fire-related deaths or injuries at Ferrum College during this reporting period.