Loft Construction Guide

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Loft Construction Guide

  • Loft construction may only be done during the hours of 10:00 am and 8:00 pm. This is to insure the rights of others are not infringed upon.
  • The residents ofthe room assume fullresponsibility for any damagesto the caused by the loft construction project. Furthermore, theCollege assumes no responsibility of liability for any injuriesto occupants of the room or their guests, as a result of the loft.
  • Lofts must be located and constructed in such a way that they do not interface with or obstruct accessto Windows, plumbing, air-heating units, telephones, life safety equipment, and the main entrance/exit.
  • Lofts are to be freestanding. Bolts, nails, etc., are not to be sunken into the wall, ceiling or floor to support the loft.
  • Attached room fixtures(light fixtures, electrical outlets, desks, air/heating units) may not be removed, altered, orrelocated due to the loft construction project.
  • Lofts are to be completely dismantled and removed from the room when the occupant vacates the room or by the time specified by the Coordinator(usually before finals week). At the time of checkout, the room must conform to the original room condition report.
  • A minimum of 24” must be left vacant between the top surface of the bed-loft and theceiling.
  • A fire extinguisher must be provided by the student.No loft construction projects may be completed without agreement to these guidelinesand inspection of the construction by a residence hall educator.


Loft Application

I, __________________________, am applying to have a freestanding loft in  __________________. I have read and
(Name)                                                                                                               (Room Number)

understand the Loft Construction Guidelines and understand that I am responsible for any damage that the structure causes to the above listed room.

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