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Performers at Ferrum College's Blue Ridge Folklife Festival 2015

Blue Ridge Music Trails of Virginia

The Blue Ridge region of Virginia hosts an energetic mix of musical styles.  Pop, classical, jazz, blues, rock, gospel, country—these are all here.  However, the Blue Ridge is internationally recognized for its unmatched legacy of traditional music and dance.  These are the songs, tunes, and dances passed down through generations in families and communities.  The Blue Ridge Music Trails – Virginia guides travelers to over 100 public venues and settings in which “real-roots” Blue Ridge folk music and dance thrive today.

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Southwest Virginia Heritage Guide

From the upper James River west to the Cumberland Gap, Southwest Virginia is steeped in history and folklife. This Guide is published by Ferrum College’s Blue Ridge Institute & Museum, The State Center for Blue Ridge Folklore, to help visitors better explore the regional heritage of the Virginia highlands. Both the tourist and the researcher will find listings here to meet their interests.

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The Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail

The Crooked Road is a driving route from the western slopes of the Blue Ridge to the coalfields of the state. The trail connects several major music-related venues in the Appalachian region such as the Blue Ridge Institute & Museum, the Blue Ridge Music Center, and the Carter Family Fold. Passed down from generation to generation, the traditional gospel, bluegrass, and mountain music lives on through a wealth of musicians, instrument
makers, festivals, concerts, radio shows, and jam sessions along the trail.