Events & Workshops

Fall Harvest on the Farm

September 13, 2018

Have your child share in the seasonal bounty of fall harvest experiences such as corn shelling, cider making, flintlock rifle firing, and oxen driving at the Blue Ridge Farm Museum’s Fall Harvest Day Camp just for homeschooling families! Email for more information.

Blue Ridge Folklife Festival

October 27, 2018

For more than 40 years on the fourth Saturday of October, the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival has brought together a host of musicians, moonshiners, craftspeople, cooks, motorheads, mule jumpers, horse pullers, coon dog racers, antique tractor buffs, and old-time gamers for a celebration of the rich heritage and traditions of the region.  Our festival participants are the real thing, sharing folk traditions that have been a part of their families and/or communities for years. Find more details here.

Blue Ridge Holiday

November 29, 2018

Join us on the farm as we celebrate the holidays! Your children will be making decorations, such as wool felted ornaments and popcorn and dried cranberry garlands, blacksmithing, singing and dancing, decorating sugar cookies and shooting with slingshots! Email for more information.