Hello!  I am Krystal Davis, Office Manager at the Blue Ridge Institute & Museum at Ferrum College.  I hold several degrees which include an Associates Degree from Danville Community College in Administrative Support Technology, a Bachelor of Applied Science with a concentration in Leadership Studies from Averett University, and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from Averett University.  I am currently considering pursuing my doctorate.  I was previously employed at the Virginia Museum of Natural History (Martinsville, Virginia) as the Administrator of Science.

I have been married for almost 23 years and I am the proud mother of 2 boys.  My husband is a former United States Marine and retired in November of 2016 from a twenty-year career as a Lieutenant with our local Sheriff’s Office. He began a new career in corporate bank security and risk management in August of 2017.  My oldest son is 19 and is a current student at Ferrum College.  I am an avid autism supporter.  My youngest son is 15. He has Asperger’s and we are very proud of the things he has accomplished.  He is a member of his high school marching band and plays the tenor and alto sax.  We love watching him perform!  My family is the light of my life.

I am a hard-core football mom and love all things football.  I prefer college games and will watch any college game on television regardless of who is playing. I am an aficionado of books. I read a new book either every day or every other day.  It is what kept me sane during obtaining all my college degrees.

I am a lover of animals. I have a teacup poodle, a toy poodle, a standard poodle, a Saint Berdoodle (Saint Bernard/Standard Poodle mix) and two sugar gliders (marsupials native to Australia and New Zealand).  My husband says he’s going to start charging admission to the zoo!  My favorite thing to collect is pigs.  If you ever visit my office, you will see a small part of my collection on display.

At some point in my life, I would love to travel to Israel, Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Egypt. I have been many places including California, Florida, New Orleans, New York, the Bahamas, Grand Turk, and Cancun, Mexico. Although I want to travel, I DO NOT look forward to flying there. I’m terrified of airplanes.  I do, however, love cruise ships!

I am so thankful to work at the BRI&M.  We have such a great team and we all enhance the others’ abilities.  I am primarily responsible for managing the many financial accounts that we have, ensuring that we are fiscally responsible.  I will probably be the first face that you see when you walk in to the BRI&M and typically the voice that you will hear if you call us.  I organize all the food vendors for the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival, as well as assist with our many other events, including Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival, Blue Ridge Herb Lore Gathering, Moonshine Heritage Car Show, Christmas Open House, and various homeschool events.  A very important part of our organization is our work study students.  Part of my responsibilities are to supervise these fantastic students.  I wear many hats during the day and each day brings a new experience.  I look forward to continuing my career here at the BRI&M and Ferrum College.  I also look forward to greeting each of you personally when our fine establishment reopens to the public.  Stop by and see us!