Sirena PangelinanSirena Pangelinan ’18 won second place in the American Criminal Justice Association (ACJA) National Student Paper Competition, which was held in Austin, TX this past March.  In addition to a certificate signifying her accomplishment, she was awarded a $100 prize.  This recognition signifies excellence in research and writing.

Sirena’s paper was originally an assignment in her Deviance and Social Control class during the Fall 2016 semester entitled “The Criminal Justice System and Its Impact on Prisoners.”

“Sirena wrote a well researched paper with an insightful thesis. I liked her conclusion about how we need to reform the institutions instead of the individuals… don’t see this viewpoint very often. Sirena’s background in psychology has provided her with a more humanistic framework which is commendable,” said Professor and Criminal Justice Program Coordinator William N. Osborne, who suggested she submit to the ACJA Student Paper Competition.

Sirena is double majoring in Psychology and Social Work with a minor in Sociology and anticipates graduating in May 2018.