Ferrum College Giving Garden Planting DayLast week, 260 Ferrum Elementary students joined Ferrum College students, faculty and staff to plant the Giving Garden at the Ag Center. Working in two shifts, the students helped plant beans, tomatoes, peppers, squash, corn, eggplant and other vegetables. Among the students helping were (left to right) Dr. Glen Steven’s daughters, Ursula and Flora; Coach Ryan Brittle’s daughter, Cooper; Dr. Angie Dahl’s daughter, Finley; and Dr. Allison Harl’s son, Eli.

PSY 298 Pre-Professional Placement E-term students helped coordinate the event with Enactus Club member Ricardo Pierre. Teaching the elementary students about gardening and nutrition was one of the goals set by Pierre and his fellow Enactus Club team members as part of a broader Giving Garden project. Their work is supported by a $1,500 Unilever Bright Future Project Accelerator grant they received earlier this year. Many of the seedlings that were planted were grown this spring by Plant Propagation students.