Ferrum, Va. (Nov. 3, 2016) – Ferrum College, Appalachian Power Company and The Smith Mountain Lake Association recently celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Smith Mountain Lake and the 30th Anniversary of the Water Quality Monitoring Program. During the program held at Ferrum College on Fri., Oct. 14, 2016, College faculty Dr. Carolyn Thomas, the water quality monitoring program director, and Dr. David Johnson, senior scientist, were honored for starting the program 30 years ago and for their continued dedication to the project. Also honored was Ms. Daphne Jamison for 30 years of continuous volunteer monitoring on the project.

The Ferrum College Water Quality Program has worked since 1987 in collaboration with the Smith Mountain Lake Association to coordinate the efforts of faculty, volunteer water quality monitors, and students in measuring and tracking water quality parameters for Smith Mountain Lake. Parameters monitored include: Secchi depth (a measure of water clarity), E. coli concentration, dissolved oxygen concentration, conductivity, pH, chlorophyll-A concentration, algae diversity and total phosphorus and nitrogen concentration. For additional program information, visit the water quality monitoring program website here.

About the photograph (from left to right): Presenting their awards are Mr. Larry Iceman, of the Smith Mountain Lake Association; Dr. Carolyn Thomas, director of the Smith Mountain Lake Water Quality Program and Ferrum College professor of biology and environmental science; Dr. David Johnson, retired Ferrum College professor of chemistry and environmental science; Mr. Charles Patton, president of Appalachian Power Company; and Dr. Jody Spooner, president of Ferrum College. Photograph courtesy of Dr. Bob Pohlad. View additional photographs here.