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Enactus Team Awarded Grants to Help Local Community

Ferrum, Va. (November 15, 2016) – The Ferrum College Enactus Team recently received two grants in support of projects that will benefit the local community: a $1,500 Walmart Women's Economic Empowerment Project Partnership grant that will support the team’s “Better Horizons” project and a $1,500 Unilever Bright Future Project Accelerator grant that will support the [...]

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Students Win National Bombassadors Campaign

Ferrum, Va. (Nov. 4, 2016) – Last spring, Ferrum College students Sam Belcher, Jesse Delph, Jessa King, and Rachel Wells won a national campaign that allowed them to donate 480 pairs of socks to the Rescue Mission in Roanoke, Va. The students were "Bombassadors", working with the Bombas sock company as college ambassadors to promote [...]

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Faculty Honored for Founding Water Quality Monitoring Program

Ferrum, Va. (Nov. 3, 2016) – Ferrum College, Appalachian Power Company and The Smith Mountain Lake Association recently celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Smith Mountain Lake and the 30th Anniversary of the Water Quality Monitoring Program. During the program held at Ferrum College on Fri., Oct. 14, 2016, College faculty Dr. Carolyn Thomas, the water quality [...]

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Spiritual Life Sponsors Fall Break Disaster Recovery Work Team Trip

Ferrum, Va. (Oct. 20, 2016) –Spiritual Life sponsored a Disaster Recovery Work Team trip to Waverly, Va., which was hit by tornadoes in February 2015. The group of 8 from Ferrum College traveled to Waverly to continue the disaster recovery efforts during Fall Break 2016, Oct. 13-16, working through the Virginia Conference United Methodist Volunteers in [...]

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Botanical Gardens Donor Allen DeHart ’54 Dies at Age 90

DeHart gifted the rare nature preserve in Patrick County to Ferrum College in 2012. Ferrum, Va. (Oct. 19, 2016) – Educator, author, philanthropist and Ferrum College alumnus Allen DeHart of Louisburg, NC, who gifted the 172-acre DeHart Botanical Gardens in Patrick County to the College in 2012, died Oct. 14, 2016, after a brief illness at [...]

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Alum Eric Owens Returns to the Major Leagues as a Coach

Eric Owens '93 still holds the Ferrum College record for career batting average and is now a hitting coach for the Toronto Blue Jays. Ferrum, Va. (Oct. 19, 2016) - Eric Owens '93, who is the Ferrum record holder for career batting average, is in his second year as the assistant hitting coach for [...]

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