B.F.A. Acting & Directing

The B.F.A. is frequently, but not exclusively, chosen by those students wishing to pursue M.F.A. Degrees and professional performing careers. It stresses heavy course and performance work in the area of emphasis. Students pursuing this degree normally declare no later than five semesters before graduation. If graduation is sooner, they must gain the endorsement of the program coordinator.

Note: The nature of theatre as a field of study involves a considerable time commitment outside of regularly scheduled classes.

Majors are expected to participate on stage or behind the scenes in all major productions as members of the artistic ensemble.

Students are also expected to participate in a yearly adjudicated audition and a minimum of 3 annual reviews of performance and academic progress conducted by theatre arts faculty.

All students complete a Senior Thesis Production.

Required Theatre Core Courses: (21 Credit Hours)

THA 111 Fundamentals of Acting I 3
THA 112 Acting II 3
THA 205 Applied Summer Theatre I 3
THA 300 Auditions and Makeup 3
THA 301 World Theatre I through the 18th Century (WI) 3
THA 302 World Theatre II through the Present (WI) 3
THA 498 Senior Seminar 3


Required Acting/Directing courses (18 Credits)

THA 320 Adv. Acting 4
THA 202 Stagecraft 3
THA 246 Directing I

THA 446 Play Production II: Advanced Directing



THA 222 Voice & Diction 3
THA 281-288 Theatre practicum 2


Music Elective Choose 3 credit from the following:

MUS 102 Fundamentals of Music 3
MUS 143 Piano I 1
MUS 153 Voice I 1
MUS 131-432 Vocal Ensembles (1 credit each) 3
MUS 203 Harmony and Musicianship I 3

Dance Elective Choose 3 credit from the following:

DAN 105 Beginning Dance Styles 1
DAN 106 Intermediate Dance Styles 1
DAN 110 Beginning Dance for Performance 1
DAN 111 Intermediate Dance for Performance 1
DAN 121 Rhythm with the Feet 1


Arts Electives: Choose 6 from the following:

ART 101 Two-Dimensional Design                                                                     3
ART 104 Drawing Fundamentals 3
ART 130 The Color Course 3
ART 215 Photoshop 3

Communication & Media Electives: Choose 3 hours from the following:

COM 101 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
COM 141, 241, Radio Performance Practicum/Seminar 3
COM 271 Online Media 3

English Electives: Choose 3 hours from the following:

ENG 218 Introduction to Creative Writing                                                         3
ENG 365 Shakespeare 3
ENG 428 Contemporary Literature and Film 3

Total Hours Required in Major 57