Spanish at Ferrum College is a growing, evolving program with dynamic courses, involved students, and motivated professors. We work together to create a meaningful learning environment in which language is a vehicle for learning about ourselves and other peoples. Our courses focus on language, but also art, history, literature, and geography, in an interactive, fun way. Different methodologies are employed to engage students and to give them opportunities to use what they learn outside the classroom. Through campus programs, the use of technology, community outreach, and travel abroad courses, the Spanish program seeks to impress upon the students the vast diversity of life in the Spanish speaking world. Learning Spanish at Ferrum College implies active learning and real-life applications of traditional course contents.

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Spanish Major

The Spanish major provides a program of study designed to develop fluency in oral and written communication, the ability to read, understand, and analyze Hispanic literatures, and an appreciation of the cultures of Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America.  The Spanish major also prepares the student for travel and study abroad, for careers in international business and in government, for professions involving foreign language, and for graduate work.  With a major in Spanish, students will acquire a foreign language proficiency of value not only in career pursuits but also in the broader experience of today’s world.

The Experiential Component (requirement of the major) can be met by successfully completing one of the following:

An approved study abroad program

An E-Term in Spanish

SPA  499


Required Major Courses (9 hours):

SPA 301 Advanced Grammar and Composition 3
SPA 302 Advanced Speaking and Comprehension (Speaking Intensive) 3
SPA 498 Senior Thesis (to be done in the senior year) 3



Major Electives (Any 21 hours from the following):

SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPA 320 Introduction to Literature in Spanish 3
SPA 325 Spanish Culture 3
SPA 326 Latin American Culture 3
SPA 351, 352, 353, 354 Conversation Circle 1 each
SPA 403 Latin American and Spanish Short Story 3
SPA 404 Selected Topics in Hispanic Literatures 3
SPA 411 Professional Spanish 3
SPA 451 Directed Study 3
SPA 452 Directed Study 3
SPA 499 Internship 3

Spanish Education Endorsement

Ferrum College offers teaching licensure in Spanish (grades PK-12) through the selection of a minor in Teacher Education with specialization in All-Level Education.  This licensure requires passing state mandated testing prior to enrollment in EDU 402 – The Profession of Teaching: Student Teaching Field Experience and EDU 403 – The Profession of Teaching: Student Teaching Synthesis.  Students pursuing licensure must complete all components of the Teacher Education Minor.

Spanish Minor

12 hours from the following:

SPA 301 Advanced Spanish 6
SPA 302 Advanced Speaking and Comprehension 3
SPA 320 Introduction to Literature  in Spanish 3
SPA 325 Spanish Culture 3
SPA 326 Latin American Culture 3
SPA 351, 352, 353, 354 Conversation Circle I, II, III IV 1 each
SPA 403 Latin American and Spanish Short Story (Taught in Spanish) 3
SPA 404 Selected Topics in Hispanic Literature (Taught in Spanish) 3
SPA 411 Professional Spanish 3
SPA 451, 452 Directed Study 6










All Spanish majors and minors are encouraged to study abroad for an E-Term, a summer, or a semester. For our E-Term courses, Spanish teams up with faculty from other areas in order to provide an interdisciplinary perspective. In May of 2012 we had a service-focused course in Honduras; in May of 2013 we explored coastal and Andean cultures and history in Peru in conjunction with a Recreation Leadership group; in May of 2014 we visited central Mexico to learn about their diverse cultures and do service work in several communities, working with Religion students; and in May of 2015 we traveled to northern Spain to walk along the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostela, learning about the tradition of pilgrimage with a Religion class. In spring of 2017 we will team up with the Art program for a course in Mexico City and Puebla in which we will contextualize Mexican culture and history through a study of ancient and contemporary art.

The main program through which we send students abroad on their own is Spanish Studies Abroad, with programs in three cities in Spain, as well as in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Argentina. Students who study abroad for longer periods not only develop their language and cultural competency, but they can also take complementary courses in subjects such as History, Political Science, Art History, Religion, and various sciences.  The programs are customizable and internships are available for more advanced Spanish speakers.

Patricia Sagasti Suppes, Ph. D.

Monumento de Mafalda, Buenos AiresPh.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

M.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

A.B., Sweet Briar College


Web page:

Courses Taught:

  • Beginning and Intermediate Spanish
  • Advanced Grammar and Composition
  • Advanced Speaking and Comprehension
  • Latin American Culture
  • Spanish Culture
  • Spanish and Latin American Short Story
  • Topics in Literature
  • Spanish for the Professions
  • Directed Studies
  • E-Term Study Abroad (recent programs include travel courses in Mexico, Spain, Peru, and Honduras)

Research Interests:

My current work is an ecofeminist analysis of several novels written by Latin American and Spanish women writers. I presented my most recent paper, on the novel El león dormido, by the Spanish writer Marián Izaguirre, at the conference of the Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultura Femenina Hispánica.

I also have a particular interest in Latin American art and am working on a project about several works by the Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros.

Angela Patricia Velásquez Hoyos

Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant

Master of English didactics from Caldas University, Manizales Colombia.

BA in English language Teaching from Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira, Pereira Colombia.


Courses Taught:

  • Spanish 101
  • Spanish 102
  • Conversation Circle

Additional Projects: 

  • Tertulia for beginner students
  • Cultural programs
  • Spanish Club

Research Interests:
Second language acquisition theories, critical thinking, reflective teaching, and theories regarding translanguaging and bilingual education.

Spanish Club Officers 2016/17

President: Kate Anderson

Vice President: Justin Costley

Secretary: Derek Thomas

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