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B.A  Theatre (Minor Required)

The Theatre Arts program has a strong academic emphasis with students gaining experience to reinforce the coursework through productions, large and small. The degree program in Theatre Arts emphasizes process drama , the value of improvisation, and ensemble. Echoing the College motto, it also asks students to consider how practicing theatre arts serves “not self, but others.” In the liberal arts setting, the program prepares students to pursue a wide variety of careers. Students receive broad exposure to the various disciplines within theatre and are encouraged by the faculty to pursue their special interests.

Note: The nature of theatre as a field of study involves a considerable time commitment outside of regularly scheduled classes.

Majors are expected to participate on stage or behind the scenes in all major productions as members of the artistic ensemble.

Students are also expected to participate in a yearly adjudicated audition and a minimum of 3 annual reviews of performance and academic progress conducted by theatre arts faculty.

All students complete a Senior Thesis Production.

B.A.  (Minor Required) 

The B.A. is frequently, but not exclusively, chosen by those wishing to pursue M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. This is also the program chosen by those seeking Teacher Licensure. The student’s choice of minor may open up careers in such fields as Drama Therapy, Historical Re-enactment, Dramaturgy, Theatre Management, or Play Writing.

Note: Students majoring in Theatre may not minor in Theatre.

B.A. Theatre Arts (Minor Required)

Required Common Theatre Courses (21 Credits)
THA 111 Fundamentals of Acting I 3
THA 112 Acting II 3
THA 205 Applied Summer Theatre I 3
THA 300 Auditions and Makeup 3
THA 301 World Theatre I through the 18th Century (WI) 3
THA 302 World Theatre II through the Present (WI) 3
THA 498 Senior Seminar 3
Theatre Electives (Choose 18 hours from the following):
THA 233 Introduction to Musical Theatre 3
THA 282-288 Performance Practicum (up to 2 for credit) 2
THA 305, 405 Applied Summer Theatre II, III 3
THA 346 Readers Theatre (SI) 3
THA 412, 413, 414 Special Theatre Topics 3
THA 320 Advanced Acting and Performance Theory 3
THA 246 Play Production I: Beginning Directing 3
THA 446 Play Production II: Advanced Directing 3
THA 202 Stagecraft I 3

Total Hours Required in Major 39