About Dr. Suppes

Teaching, mentoring, and working with other educators is my passion, and the experiences I have had through travel, study, and teaching inform and enrich my work. Through collaboration we can create innovative solutions to the constantly changing challenges of higher education. A global focus is essential to offering students a broad, well-rounded education, therefore I am heading the internationalization initiative at Ferrum College by connecting with every part of the academic, administrative, and co-curricular life on campus. I have big goals and dreams, but with the collaboration of my colleagues and students, we will achieve a much more open and inclusive campus that reflects the reality and cultural richness of our diverse world and will offer our graduates so many more opportunities for their future careers. These goals are in keeping with Ferrum's mission to "...educate students in the disciplines of higher learning and to help them be thoughtful and perceptive, to be articulate and professionally capable, and to be caring and concerned citizens of their community, nation, and world."