Ferrum College Alumni Awards 2017

Alumni Awards and Nominations are now being accepted. Make sure to send in your nominees today!

Distinguished Alumni Award

Ferrum College will recognize the outstanding achievements of alumni who exemplify the three eras of Ferrum College: Ferrum Training School, Ferrum Junior College, and Ferrum College.

Nominees should:

  • have a record of exceptional career achievement and of service to their community, church, or other organizations.
  • have been active in College life during their time at Ferrum and have remained involved in and supportive of Ferrum College as alumni.
  • Nominees should be an alumnus or alumna of Ferrum College.  If not a Ferrum graduate, nominees should have attended Ferrum College (as a Junior College attendee) for three or more semesters, or attended Ferrum College (as a four year college) for four or more semesters.
  • exemplify in all aspects of their lives the spirit of Ferrum’s motto, “Not Self, But Others.

Names, addresses, and biographical information should be sent to Ferrum College, Alumni Office, PO Box 1000, Ferrum, VA 24088-9000, by FAX 540-365-4203, or by to alumni@ferrum.edu. All nominations must be received March 15, 2018.

Distinguished Alumni Recipients (PDF)

William "Bill" Aiken '60
William "Bill" Aiken '60

Our 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award was bestowed upon William “Bill”Aiken ’60. He received the award during the Alumni Awards Ceremony held in the Blue Ridge Mountain Room. President Jennifer Braaten presented the award to Aiken in recognition of the exceptional service to his community, as well as his long-time support for his alma mater.

Sports Hall of Fame

In honor of over eighty years of Panther Athletics, and in recognition of the many contributions Ferrum student-athletes have made throughout their careers, the Ferrum Alumni Association and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics announced its inaugural season of the Ferrum College Alumni Sports Hall of Fame in 1994.  It is very important that the selection committee receive as complete a package as possible for each nominee to include playing records/statistics, athletic honors, and continuing achievements and service since leaving Ferrum. Committee members rely mostly on the information provided in the nomination package, so completeness is important. In order to be considered, nominees should:

  • Exemplify the highest ideals of small college athletics, sportsmanship, and the spirit of Ferrum’s motto, “Not Self, But Others.”
  • Have excelled in one or more sports while at Ferrum College, and then have gone on to achieve significant success in a career field.
  • Be an alumnus or alumna of Ferrum College. If not a Ferrum graduate, nominee should have attended Ferrum for three or more semesters. The selection committee and the Alumni Board of Directors also may induct honorary members such as Coaches and other individuals who made a significant impact on Ferrum Athletics.
  • Have graduated or transferred from Ferrum College at least 10 years prior to nomination. This year we are looking for student athletes that left the College prior to June 2008.

Please submit your nominations to the Alumni Office by March 15, 2018.       

Click here to go to the Sports Hall of Fame nomination form

2017 Sports Hall of Fame Class

Fletcher "Nate" Daniels '99 
Jimmie Jett '60 
Lonnie "L.J." Kilby '69
Lonnie "L.J." Kilby '69
Jerold Smith '93
Jerold Smith '93
Hilary Wagar '00
Hilary Wagar '00