Meet the Recruitment Staff

tiffanyTiffany Gordon '09  (Tf - Z)

Assistant Director of Admissions and Admissions Counselor

Tiffany assists students with last names beginning with Tf – Z, and she also assists all transfer students.  She visits Virginia high schools, colleges, or universities in the regions surrounding Tidewater, Virginia Beach, and the Southwest.


Alma Mater:

Ferrum College, Class of 2009


Henry, Virginia


They change all the time, depending on my mood: Time with friends & family, singing, dancing, outdoors, cheerleading, baseball, reading & writing, crafts/DIY projects, Pinterest, and more!

Favorite Place(s) on Campus:

Gazebos by Adams Lake, YMCA, Hank Norton Center, Athletic fields,  Britt Hall reminds me of Harry Potter, Roberts Hall Commons area, Garber Hall Anatomy lab, Panther's Den, and Learning Commons in Stanley Library.

Favorite Panther Moment:

As a student: First day of freshman year walking out of our Ceremony of Initiation and Affirmation, being welcomed by all of the professors and the tradition to shake their hands as you walk down the line.  Four years later, Commencement Day (graduation), seeing the same line of professors shake my hand again as they send me off to make a difference in the world.

As an employee of the college:  In August/September, seeing all of the new panthers I worked with through the admissions process go through the same ceremony with smiles on their faces!

Why you should choose Ferrum:

If you are looking for a community where you not only learn specific skills toward the career you want, but life lessons, and an education background that demonstrates the American model: freedom, experimentation, problem solving, critical thinking, expression, & the list goes on.