Liberal Arts Core Requirements

Ferrum College Liberal Arts Core Requirements
Virginia Community College Equivalent Recommendations
Credits Required

Freshman English
ENG-101 and ENG-102

 ENG-111 and ENG-112


Bible Based Course
REL-112, 113, or PHI-131

REL-200, REL-210
PHI-100, PHI-101, or PHI-102


Any REL or PHI course

REL-200, REL-210, REL-230,
PHI-100, PHI-101, PHI-102,
PHI-111, or PHI-220


Activity Course
Any one credit HHP, DAN, or REC Course

 Any one credit PED activit


Fine Arts
Any three credit ART, MUS, or THA course

ART-101, ART-102, MUS-121
MUS-122, CST-130, CST-141


MTH-105, MTH-107, MTH-111, MTH-112, MTH-203, or MTH-211

MTH-120, MTH-152, MTH-163
MTH-164, MTH-166, MTH-168
MTH-173, MTH-175, MTH-180
MTH-181, MTH-182, or MTH-271


Natural Science
Lab Science courses

BIO-101, BIO-102, BIO-141,
BIO-142, CHM-111, CHM-112,
PHY-201, or PHY-202


ENG-201, ENG-202, ENG-203,
ENG-204, ENG-205, or ENG-206

ENG-241, ENG-242, ENG-243, ENG-244, ENG-251, or ENG-252


HIS-101, HIS-102, HIS-201, or HIS-202

HIS-101, HIS-102, HIS-111, HIS-112, HIS-121, or HIS-122


Social Science
ECO-201, ECO-202, PSC-101,
PSC-202, PSY-201, SOC-101, or SOC-202

ECO-201, ECO-202, PLS-211, PLS-212, PSY-200, SOC-201, or SOC-268


TOTAL Liberal Arts Core Hours Required



Speaking Intensive Requirement

 CST-105, CST-100, or CST-110


Writing Intensive Requirement

Must be taken at Ferrum College


Experiential Requirement

Must be taken at Ferrum College


E-term Requirement

Must be taken at Ferrum College


Degree Specific

Refer to intended major in the Ferrum College catalog for requirements.