Transferring Credits

Transfer Credit Policy

Ferrum College will accept transfer credit (including distance education classes) from other regionally accredited institutions; however, degree recipients must complete at least 32 of their last 64 credit hours at Ferrum College. At least 50% of the hours required for a major and minor(s) must be completed at Ferrum. Transfer students are required to meet the Liberal Arts Core requirements, including writing intensive, speaking intensive, and experiential requirements, as outlined in the catalog.

This requirement may be waived at the discretion of the program coordinator. All non-developmental courses 100 level and above which have been passed with a “C” or better grade will be accepted for credit as necessary for graduation. Students with transferable credit will not be required to repeat equivalent course content at Ferrum. Students must meet the number of upper level hours required for graduation by the students’ major program and the College. Only credit hours, not grade point average, transfer to Ferrum College. Therefore, transfer credit does not enter into the grade point average for honors.

Direct Transfer

When a student who graduates from an accredited Virginia Community College with an Associate of Arts degree, an Associate of Science degree, or an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree transfers into Ferrum College, Ferrum agrees that the student has satisfied the Liberal Arts Core requirements portion of its graduation requirements.  If the student has not had a 3-credit Bible-based course as part of the Associate degree curriculum, then Ferrum College will require that the student successfully complete REL 111, 112, 113, or PHI 131. The student must satisfy all other graduation requirements including writing intensive, speaking intensive, E-Term, and experiential learning requirements.