Apply as a Transfer Student

Ferrum welcomes transfer applications and encourages them to visit the college campus.  Transfer students should follow the same admissions procedures as outlines for recent high school graduates.  In addition, transfer students must request that an official transcript of their college work be sent to the Ferrum College Admissions Office.

Ferrum College will accept transfer credit (including distance education classes) from other regionally accredited institutions; however, degree recipients must complete at least 32 of their last 64 credit hours at Ferrum College. At least 50 percent of the hours required for a major and minor(s) must be completed at Ferrum. Transfer students are required to meet the Liberal Arts Core requirements, including writing intensive, speaking intensive, and experiential requirements, as outlined in the catalog.  All non-developmental courses above 100 level which have been passed with a “C” or better grade, will be accepted for credit as necessary for graduation. Students with transferable credit will not be required to repeat equivalent course content at Ferrum. Students must meet the number of upper level hours required for graduation by the student’s major program and the College. Only credit hours, not grade point average, transfer to Ferrum College. Therefore, transfer credit does not enter into the grade point average for honors.

Transfer students receive full consideration for housing, financial aid, and campus co-curricular activities.  Transfer students may also be eligible for academic merit scholarships.   

Three Ways to Complete Your Application

  1. Create an Account to Apply Online
  2. Download, print and mail the PDF application
  3. Contact our Admissions office to request a paper copy


You are considered a transfer student if:

  • You have enrolled at another college or university since high school graduation and prior to applying for admission to Ferrum College.


If you meet both conditions, all you need to do is:


Please Note: If you have been out of high school for less than one year, or have completed fewer than 24 college credits, your high school transcript and SAT or ACT scores are also required. If you have been out of high school for more than one year, and have completed fewer than 24 college credits, your high school transcript and a letter explaining all gaps of educational history are required.

What happens after I Apply?

When will I receive a decision?

You will receive a decision packet of information within a week to ten (10) days after the Ferrum College Admissions Office has received your completed application materials.

I will need financial aid. How do I apply?

After January 1st, you and your parents will need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The financial aid office will send you a financial aid award letter.

Who should I call if I have questions?

Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail the Ferrum College Admissions Office (see contact information on the right side of the page). In addition, you will be assigned a personal Admissions Counselor who will walk you through the enrollment process. The counselor assigned to you will be based on the location of your high school. Visit our Meet the Recruitment Staff page to find which Admissions Counselor travels to and assists students from your area.

How do I schedule a visit?

You may schedule a private tour online or contact the Admissions Office.  We will be happy to help you schedule your visit. You may also register to come during one of our Panther Preview sessions during the fall or spring.