Roots and Routes

Roots and Routes

Roots and Routes—Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going?

Both words—"Roots" and "Routes"—can refer to many thing in several academic areas such as math, botany, music, literature, or international studies. This year students will explore their own roots, both in terms of family and geography and as a way of mapping out their own journeys. They'll be encouraged to find connections with many different kinds of people, and learn to value their stories and life journeys. We would like to explore where human beings have come from and where we're going biologically, materially, spiritually, and culturally.

Roots and Routes Passport Contest

This year, students will collect passport "stamps" for attending theme events. At the end of each semester, we'll give a major prize to the student who has accumulated the most stamps. The prize at the end of fall semester is a $250 Amazon gift card!

Get your passport stamps at the following events and places - some events offer multiple stamp opportunities!

** = multiple stamp opportunities available * = registration required



UPDATE: Rene Dionisio's performance will be on Thursday, 9/25 at 7 pm instead of Tuesday, 9/23. 


The Executive in Residence event on Mon. 9/8 has been moved to Wed. 9/24!




Tues., 9/2, 3:30 pm - LOGOS Worship Experience (Vaughn Chapel)

Wed., 9/3, 11:30 am - Ferrum Outdoors Promo (Franklin Hall)

Tues., 9/9, 7 pm - Symposium on Pilgrimage with Professor Howell (Panther's Den)

Dr. Howell will show the short film Something Grand, and then talk about the meaning
of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, its history, and his personal experience with walking the
Camino. He will show photos and artefacts and answer questions on the subject of the Camino. This
presentation will also be an introduction to his e-term program in northern Spain, during which
students will walk along this historic pilgrimage trail.

Wed., 9/10, 4:30 pm - Club Fair (Panther's Den)

To see what clubs and organizations Ferrum has to offer, click here.

Thurs., 9/11, 6 pm - theBREAX (Panther's Den)

Fri., 9/12, 5 pm - Radical Reels Tour (Lower Franklin Plaza) *

Click here to register for the Radical Reels event.

Mon., 9/15 - Thurs., 9/18, 11 am - Alcohol Awareness Campaign (Franklin Hall Atrium/Quad) **

Tues., 9/16, 7 pm - Keeping Home Alive with Professor Macklin (Panther's Den)

Dr. Melvin Macklin will talk about his book Traces in the Dust, in which he explores his family history. He will talk about the process of discovery and of writing, and share some of what he learned.

Wed., 9/17, 4 pm - Inquiring Minds (Stanley Library LEaP Studio)

Wed., 9/17, 7:30 pm - Night Zip Lining (Lower Franklin Plaza) *

This event now has a waitlist. Add yourself to the waitlist here. 

Sun., 9/21, 9 am - Bird Migrations Along the Blue Ridge Parkway with Professor Frederickson (YMCA Parking Lot) *

Dr. Fredericksen will take interested students and faculty to the Blue Ridge Parkway to

observe hawks migrating, and will explain migration patterns. Register here.

Mon., 9/22-Fri 9/26, 11 am-2 pm - Health and Exercise Week (Franklin Hall Atrium/Quad) *

Wed., 9/24, 11:15 am - Executive in Residence - Amie Stepanovich (Vaughn Chapel)

Wed., 9/24, 4 pm - Inquiring Minds (Stanley Library LEaP Studio)

Wed., 9/24, 4:30 pm - Trail Building & Cookout (Chapman Pond)

For more information, visit the Ferrum Outdoors website. 

Thurs., 9/25, 5:30 pm - Bouldering (Bouldering Wall)

For more information, visit the Ferrum Outdoors website.

Thurs., 9/25, 7 pm - Guatemalan Artist René Dionisio (Panther's Den)


Artist René Dionisio, also known as Tz'utu B'aktun Kan, is an indigenous visual and hip-hop artist from Guatemala. He works to promote his culture and bring peace to his country. During his week at Ferrum he will visit classes, do presentations, and work with students on a mural project. He will also do a performance on Thursday evening. Faculty interested in inviting René to their classes should contact Chris Meyer to schedule the visit.


Tues., 9/30, time TBA - Spanish Studies Abroad

Kate Dawson of Spanish Studies Abroad will talk to students about study abroad options in Alicante, Seville, Barcelona, Havana, San Juan, and Córdoba, Argentina. This is not only for Spanish students, as Spanish Studies now offers International Studies in English at their location in Alicante, Spain. It is best to plan study abroad well in advance!

Tues., 9/30, 7 pm - Gauchos and Plains: Culture of Northern Argentina with Fulbright Scholar Marina Nasif (Panther's Den)

Fulbright FLTA Marina Nasif will talk about her region of Argentina, show photos, play music, and demonstrate a dance.


Wed., 10/1, 4 pm - Inquiring Minds (Stanley Library LEaP Studio)

Wed., 10/1, 8 pm - Red Flag Campaign for Dating Violence Awareness (Panther's Den)

Thurs., 10/2, 5:30 pm - Bouldering (Bouldering Wall)

For more information, visit the Ferrum Outdoors website.

Fri., 10/3, 7 pm - Symposium on Immigration (Panther's Den)

We will have local speakers who will talk about their experiences with our immigration system and the goals of the immigrstion reform movement. We will also have a guest from Washington, DC who will do a presentation on a faith-based perspective on immigration. In the evening, there will be a performance by activist, film maker, and singer Andrés Useche.

Tues., 10/7, 4 pm - DeHart Gardens Trail Hike (Lower Franklin Plaza)*

Click here to register. 

Wed., 10/8, 4 pm - Inquiring Minds (Stanley Library LEaP Studio)

Wed., 10/8, 7 pm - History Decoded (Panther's Den)

Author Keith Ferrell will speak about his book History Decoded: The Ten Greatest Conspiracies of All Time, which examines various conspiracy theories and their impact on the way we look at history.

Thurs., 10/9, 5:30 pm - Bouldering (Bouldering Wall)

For more information, visit the Ferrum Outdoors website.

Tues., 10/14, 5:30 pm - Disc Golf (Shelter Tennis Courts)

For more information, visit the Ferrum Outdoors website.

Mon., 10/20 - Fri 10/24, 11 am - Alcohol Awareness Campaign with DUI Simulator (Franklin Hall Atrium/Quad) **

Tues., 10/21, 7 pm - Mapping Globalization with Professor Howell (Panther's Den)

Director of Education for the Salzburg Global Seminar Jochen Fried will present about ethnocentrism, and globalization, looking at maps and various visuals to illustrate cross-cultural connections.

Wed., 10/22, 4 pm - Inquiring Minds (Stanley Library LEaP Studio)

Thurs.,10/23, 4:30 pm - E-Term Fair (Panther's Den)

Faculty who will be teaching an e-term course in 2014 will be available to provide

information and answer questions.

Sat., 10/25, 10 am-5 pm - Blue Ridge Folklife Festival (Adams Lake Information Booth)

Tues., 10/28, 7 pm - Panel Discussion: Horns (Panther's Den)*

Corrected: A panel discussion of the novel Horns by Joe Hill, Steven King's son, adapted into a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, to be released on October 31, Halloween. The discussion by students and scholars will focus on the history and future of Satan and sorcery. Contact jkitterman@ferrum.edu for details.

Wed., 10/29, 4 pm - Inquiring Minds (Stanley Library LEaP Studio)

Thurs., 10/30, 4 pm - Alcohol Alternative Pumpkin Carving and Costume Contest (Panther's Den)



Wed., 11/5, 4 pm - Inquiring Minds (Stanley Library LEaP Studio)

Wed., 11/5, 7 pm - The True Cost of Coal Mural Presentation (Panther's Den)

Artist and worker bee Erin McKelvy will visit classes and do an evening interactive presentation about the traveling mural The True Cost of Coal, about the effects of coal mining in Appalachia. Ms. McKelvy is part of the Beehive Collective, a group of artists who create traveling murals that raise social consciousness about various issues. She will discuss the pieces of the mural and their meaning, and the process of collaborative creation. Faculty: Please contact Dr. Sagasti Suppes if you'd like for Ms. McKelvy to visit your class that day.

Tues., 11/11, 11:15 am - Executive in Residence: Matthew Lohr (Blue Ridge Mountain Room)

Tues., 11/11, 7pm - The Boys from Brazil film viewing (Panther's Den)

This will be a preview of a spring movie festival focused on genetic engineering. The 1978 movie describes how a secret plot to clone Adolph Hitler might work. It will be preceded by a short introduction to the subject.

Wed., 11/12, 4 pm - Inquiring Minds (Stanley Library LEaP Studio)

Thurs., 11/13 - Sat 11/15, 7:30 pm & Sun 11/16, 2 pm - The Crazy Quilt (Sale Theater) **

An original tragi-comedy about Alzheimer's Syndrome written by Dr. Wayne Bowman,

with music by Prof. Sue Spataro and J.T. Spataro.

Mon., 11/17 - Fri 11/21, 11 am - Alcohol Awareness Campaign (Franklin Hall Atrium/Quad) **

Tues., 11/18, 7 pm - From Petals to Paper: Orchids and Botanical Illustration (Panther's Den)

Leo and Miriam Sagasti cultivate orchids, have been presidents of the Orchid Society in North Carolina, and are currently members of the Orchid Society in Roanoke. Miriam is an artist by profession and has certificates in botanical illustration. They will do a presentation that highlightsnthe root systems of orchids, the way they grow, and the process of creating accurate botanical illustrations. 

Wed., 11/19, 4 pm - Inquiring Minds (Stanley Library LEaP Studio)



Mon., 12/1, 11 am - AIDS Awareness Day Program (Franklin Hall)

Tues., 12/2, 11 am - HIV Testing and Awareness (Franklin Hall)

Wed., 12/10, 10 am-4 pm - Stress-Free Zone (Stanley Library LEaP Studio)

Thurs., 12/11, 11 am-2 pm - STAMP COUNT (Franklin Hall Atrium)

** = multiple stamp opportunities available
* = registration required


You can get these stamps anytime during the semester (but only once!)



  • Add Your Oral History to the Roots and Routes Community on D2L - Beginning 9/15


The official stamp count will take place from 11 am - 2 pm on Thursday, December 11 in the Franklin Hall Atrium. Have your stamps counted and find out if you won the $250 Amazon Gift Card! Winners will be announced Friday, December 12 via Campus Mail!