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Study Abroad programs for Ferrum Students

Ferrum College takes part in a number of highly successful international programs, which both bring international students to our campus and offer unique study abroad and internship opportunities to American students studying at Ferrum. Questions? For information, contact Dr. Sandra Via, Director of International Programs, P.O. Box 1000, Ferrum College, Ferrum, VA; (540) 365-4394, svia@ferrum.edu.

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Program in London, England

London Students may participate in a variety of international study opportunities. A semester of full-time study in London, England may be arranged for students who qualify academically. Courses are taught by American and British faculty at Imperial College of the University of London. This program is available to students at a cost that is comparable to fees charged for full-time study on campus.

This affordable international study experience is possible through Ferrum’s participation in The Private College Consortium for International Studies. The program is designed so students take classes that, in most instances, will satisfy general education and major requirements in addition to earning credit hours toward graduation.

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Northern Ireland

Program in Northern Ireland

The United Kingdom’s British Council, through its Business Education Initiative, annually sends one to two students to Ferrum College for a full year of study in the area of Business. In return, educational institutions in Northern Ireland offer spaces for a full academic year to undergraduate students from participating American colleges and universities. Ferrum, along with each participating American institution, may nominate up to two students. For information, contact Dr. Sandra Via, svia@ferrum.edu (540) 365-4394.

  In addition, through a special arrangement with the University of Ulster, students or graduates of Ferrum College’s Environmental Science program, upon recommendation by Ferrum faculty members, may pursue summer course work or graduate degrees in Environmental Science (Master’s and PhD.) at the University of Ulster.

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Program in Pskov, Russia

Pskov Ferrum College enjoys a unique relationship with the Pskov Pedagogical Institute in Pskov, Russia. Based on the strong Sister-City relationship between Pskov (one of Russia's oldest cities) and Roanoke, Virginia, Ferrum has established its own exchange program, which brings students from Pskov to our campus each semester. In return, Ferrum students enjoy both short and long term internship and study opportunities in Pskov.

Ferrum students have participated in a wide variety of experience in Pskov, ranging from traditional study programs, to renovation work on a 14th century Russian Orthodox Convent, to teaching English in Pskov Schools, to working in area orphanages. While in Pskov, most students live with Russian families, although several students who have enjoyed year-long experiences in Pskov, have elected to have their own apartments.

In addition to these programs, students at Ferrum College may work with the college’s Office of International Programs to find study abroad and internship opportunities in many other areas, ranging from Asia to Europe to South America. Finally, short-term study/travel tours to a variety of destinations are frequently organized and led by members of the Ferrum College faculty.

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The Tropics

Program in the Tropics

The Environmental Science Major at Ferrum College regularly offers three-week intensive study programs in various tropical locations. These study/travel courses afford students a chance to study tropical and marine plants and animals in their natural habitats. Students work closely with Ferrum faculty members and are able to pursue individual interests and research. 4 credits. Other ACA students are encouraged to apply for this program. For information, contact Dr. Todd Fredericksen, Professor of Environmental Science, tfredericksen@ferrum.edu (540/365-4360).

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Program in South Korea

South Korea Through an agreement with Sejong University in Seoul, South Korea, Ferrum College regularly has Sejong students studying at Ferrum for periods ranging from one semester to one year. The two institutions plan to expand contact and to pursue faculty and student exchanges and collaborative research and cultural programs in both directions. Arrangements will be made to place Ferrum students who elect to study in Korea in classes taught completely in English. For information, contact Dr. Sandra Via, svia@ferrum.edu (540) 365-4394.

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Other Study Abroad opportunities

Ferrum College offers a number of short-term travel and study abroad opportunities to its students and members of the community. These programs are organized and led by members of the faculty and are designed to provide out-of-class learning experiences, including service-learning, in a variety of disciplines. In the past, students have traveled with faculty members to such places as South America, Europe, Africa, China, Mongolia, Russia, Israel and the United Kingdom, for periods of time ranging from ten days to six weeks. Credit available, hours vary according to length of experience and requirements of the program. In general, participation in these programs by students, faculty and staff of other ACA colleges would be most welcome if space allows. For information, contact Dr. Sandra Via svia@ferrum.edu (540) 365-4394.

E-Term international trips currently planned for May 2008 include study/travel courses to England, Italy, South Africa, Turkey and the Virgin Islands.

Please note that students who request Study Abroad opportinities in areas not covered by Ferrum's specific programs will be guided toward programs sponsored by other institutions and organizations. Such requests in the past have included programs in Canada (University of Laval), France (Aix-en-Provence), Spain (University of Grenada) and Latin America.

For questions or more information
Contact the Director of International Programs, Dr. Sandra Via at (540) 365-4394 or svia@ferrum.edu.

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Opportunities for international students to study at Ferrum College

Located in the the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia, about 35 miles from Roanoke, Virginia, Ferrum College in many ways is an ideal destination for international students who wish to study in the United States. Ferrum is not only situated in a particularly beautiful area, but due to its small size, offers an unusually welcoming and supportive place of study to international students.

Ferrum Campus

Ferrum College is proud of a number of ongoing programs that regularly bring international students to Ferrum, including the British Council’s Business Education Initiative, which yearly sponsors a student from Northern Ireland to study Business; an on-going agreement with Sejong University in Seoul, South Korea, which regularly sends Korean students to the Ferrum campus for a semester of study; and an agreement between Ferrum College and the Pskov Pedagogical University, Pskov, Russia, which supports a study program for a Russian student every semester, in cooperation with the Roanoke, Virgina/Pskov, Russia Sister City Organization.

Other students apply to Ferrum College directly as individuals. Countries currently or recently represented among Ferrum College International students include: Afghanistan, China, France, Korea, Mexico, the Republic of Ireland,Russia, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Many of our international students come to Ferrum for a four year degree.

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