Boone Honors Program

A Word from the Director

Program DirectorIt is a particularly exciting time to be a member of the Boone Honors Program at Ferrum College.  In Fall 2012, we begin the second year of our residential honors model, with all first-year honors students living together in Roberts Hall at the center of campus, adjacent to Stanley Library and classroom buildings.  Preliminary research tells us that this model enhances academic success, in addition to building camaraderie among students.  

The 2012-13 year is also the second of awarding travel scholarship of up to $3,000 to every honors student in good standing for a study abroad experience, a requirement of honors program members. During our May term 2012, five honors students took advantage of this benefit, traveling with an International Religions class to Salzburg, Austria; with an environmental science class to Belize; and with a Spanish class to Honduras.  The travel scholarship may also be used for semester-long study abroad. Honors students have won scholarships to study in Oxford and London and have also traveled to China and South Africa.  

In addition, honors students enjoy priority registration privileges each semester.

The Boone Honors Program includes both curricular and co-curricular components. Academically, honors students are on a different path from the first semester for meeting Liberal Arts Core requirements.  Whereas most first-semester students enroll in a Gateway class, honors students are grouped together in the Cornerstone Seminar in Leadership with Dr. Ed Hally of the political science faculty.  Honors students take five interdisciplinary honors seminars such as a relatively new course in the art, music, culture, history, and political unrest of the 1960s.  All of these seminar satisfy some requirement in the Liberal Arts Core. for part of their general education requirements at Ferrum. Additionally, students have opportunities to work closely with faculty in honors-enriched courses in their major or minor.  Enrichment projects are imaginative and substantive: a Russian major creates a Russian/English glossary of terms useful in diplomatic relations; an English major and journalism student designs a newspaper that might have been published in Shakespeare's time; an art major illustrates her own children's book; a biology major taking a Murals e-term class works with her classmates to produce a mural illustrating Virginia Social Studies Standards of Learning concepts for a local elementary school.

The program also features distinctive cultural and social outings designed to build friendships with faculty and other honors students and to broaden students’ cultural horizons.  Excursions include visits to local museums; performances of touring Broadway musicals at the Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre; concerts and operatic performances; lectures and presentations by special guests at nearby colleges and universities; dinners at various local restaurants, and travel to regional sites of historic interest, such as Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello. In 2011-12, we visited the O. Winston Link Museum in Roanoke for a special exhibit of depression-era photographs, and the historic home of Mrs. Ibby Greer (a Ferrum trustee) in Rocky Mount, Va. In addition, we attended performances of the Southwest Virginia Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker, of Celtic Crossroads, and of Cirque du Soleil: Quidam.  Photos of our recent excursions and activities are available on the page of our Facebook group, Boone Honors Program at Ferrum College. 

For more information about the Boone Honors Program, feel free to call me at 540-365-4334 or send an e-mail lwhited@ferrum.edu.  


Lana A. Whited, Ph.D.
Director of the Boone Honors Program