2012 Freshman Scholars Projects

Summer 2012 Freshman Scholars Program projects

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Mathematical Modeling

Up to two students interested in mathematics.

Instructor:  Bryan Faulkner


Habitat Use and Activity Patterns of Reptiles and Amphibians in Relation to Temperature and Humidity

Up to two students interested in environmental science, wildlife, conservation biology.

Instructor:  Todd Fredericksen


Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and cAMP: Examination of a Possible Virulence Mechanism for This Deadly Pathogen

One student interested in biology, pre-professional science, or biochemistry. Interest in laboratory-based science as opposed to field biology is also preferred. Students who will be successful in the lab normally have a strong background in high school science.

Instructor:  Michaela Gazdik


Investigation of Natural Product Biosynthesis

One student interested in environmental science, biology, and/or ecology. The two faculty members and students working on Dr. Stevens's project and Dr. Fredericksen's two projects will work together as a research group.

Instructor:  Laura Grochowski


Center for Sustainable Development Start-Up or GLEON Water Quality Project

Up to two students interested in sustainability (particularly in organization start-up and/or water quality and construction and deployment of a sensor-equipped buoy).

Instructor:  David Johnson


Thoreau Cabin Replicas

Up to two students interested in English, recreation, history, environmental science, or art with web research skills, good reading and writing skills, and interest in nature building.

Instructor:  John Kitterman


Production and Analysis of Biodiesel and Development of Chemical Demonstrations for Use in General Chemistry

Up to two students interested in chemistry or general sciences.

Instructor:  Maria Puccio


Institutional Readiness for Online Education

Up to two students interested in education, communications, or instructional technology (Note: Student scholars should be competent with word processing and some ability to interpret numeric information. They must also have transferrable skills for using computer software, as one task will involve conversion of a Word document into an online survey.)

Instructor:  Karl Roeper


Development of an Animal Model for the Cognitive Deficits Observed in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Up to two students interested in psychology and animal research and open to handling and maintaining close interactions with rodents.

Instructor:  Megan St. Peters


The Center for Civic Engagement: Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Learning, Development and Change

Up to two students who have been engaged in and have commitment to community planning, development, and social change and who respect the inherent worth of all members of a community.

Instructor:  Jennie West