E-term Forms & Downloads

Applications for need-based scholarships for ONE E-Term travel course with a fee over $2000 are available (students may only receive one E-term scholarship as they pursue their undergraduate degree). Arrangements for any other financial aid help must be addressed with the financial aid office.  Deadline for the scholarship application is November 15, 2017.  E-Term travel scholarships may only be applied to costs for E-Term travel and will be rescinded if the student does not actually go on the trip, leaving the student fully responsible for the travel fee. Students receiving any other college sponsored scholarship to be applied to an E-Term travel course are not eligible to receive this need-based scholarship.

Scholarship applications may be received from the E-Term faculty person or Dr. Kimberly Gaiters-Fields.
Completed applications should be submitted to Dr. Kimberly Gaiters-Fields in JWH, Room 105.

Travel Forms Packet: WILL BE PROVIDED BY YOUR E-TERM COURSE INSTRUCTOR DURING THE SPRING SEMESTER. You will need to complete the appropriate forms if your E-term class involves travel (local, regional or abroad). All forms and instruction will be distributed and reviewed by your professor during preparatory meetings in the spring semester prior to your E-Term class.