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Hi! My name is Caileigh Riggs, I was raised in Bassett, Virginia. I graduated from Bassett High School with an Advanced Diploma while working to get an Associates Degree in General Studies from Patrick Henry Community College.

I chose to further my academic journey at Ferrum College because the campus is absolutely beautiful and has some of the best professors I have had the privilege to meet. I also had the privilege of practically growing up on campus since my mother is employed by the college. Once I was informed that I was accepted into the Boone Honors Program, my decision was definite! I plan to major in Environmental Science, but I have not narrowed down a minor at this time.

After Ferrum, I hope to be accepted into William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) to get a PhD in Marine Biology. I would like to conduct field research in the field of Marine Biology! #SaveTheFishies