Sustainability at Ferrum College

This is where the black and gold meets green! We have signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) and pledged to make a difference and be good stewards of the Earth! We're working hard to curb our energy consumption, reduce our waste stream and act locally! Check out our programs, sign the energy pledge, and contact us with any questions or comments!







Ferrum College is striving to reduce energy usage on campus. It can be as easy as unplugging a phone charger or flipping off electronics when not in use. Ferrum College urges you to turn off the lights and any other device when they are not needed.  Our biggest awareness program is the annual POWER DOWN ENERGY COMPETITION in the fall.  We pit dorms against each other and themselves to see who can conserve the most energy in a month.  Check out how much energy each building on campus is using right now »» energy.ferrum.edu.  Find out ways to save energy and make a promise to use fewer watts by Signing the Energy Pledge!

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Biomass Boiler: Ferrum College is currently welcoming the addition of a biomass boiler to serve as a means for alternative energy, as well as, a teaching lab. The 1.0 MW boiler will provide hot water for the campus and generate enough power to compensate for at least a quarter of the electricity demand! Read more about the English Biomass Boiler.

Food Systems

In order to provide the Ferrum College community the freshest food, the Dining Hall staff sources food locally.  This is great for the quality of the food and supports the farmers in this area!  With the recent purchase of two Green Mountain Technology Earth Tubs, we will soon be composting our food waste on campus! 

farm to cafeThe Farm to Cafeteria Program aims to supplement the local food initiative already in place on campus. Due to the efforts from our Farm to Cafe Intern Deanna Edmonds and student volunteers, the campus garden has provided the cafeteria with fresh vegetables. Volunteers are always welcome to help in the garden; if interested send an e-mail to sustainability@ferrum.edu


Ferrum College is embarking upon the challenge to reduce the waste produced on campus and be an even greener campus.  We currently recycle white paper and cardboard with more to come in the near future.  This spring Ferrum College competed in RecycleMania and earned a Most Improved Paper Recycling Award!  Please make sure you place your white paper into the appropriately marked bins!  If you have any questions about recycling an item, please contact sustainability@ferrum.edu.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments, please send an e-mail to sustainability@ferrum.edu.