EREN Project

The EREN will develop collaborative research projects focused on regional to continental-scale ecological issues, engage students in authentic science while teaching them basic ecology, create a continental-scale ecology course module using research data that will be team-taught by scientist-educators from the participating institutions, and establish an online database of collaborative data sets collected during the project. The EREN also will encourage scientists at PUIs to participate in existing research networks, such as the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON).

Ferrum College professors Bob Pohlad and Carolyn Thomas are part of a team that will receive $494,980 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for environmental research related to climate change. The money will be used to establish a national ecological and education network that will begin with 12 primarily undergraduate institutions or PUIs and expand to colleges and universities throughout the United States. The work has been shown to be significant both in terms of tracking environmental issues, and increased student learning and understanding.

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