General Business Studies

Business Administration, General Business, and Economics Programs

Business Administration, General Business, and Economics Programs


About the program

The mission of the Ferrum College business programs is to offer educational programs and activities that prepare business students both personally and professionally, for the managerial challenges of the global competitive environment, through individual and group work and through the blending of instruction and experiential learning.

Coursework in Business Administration, General Business, and Economics Programs

The curriculum and co-curricular activities of the programs incorporate a variety of courses in an interactive environment to prepare students for career and graduate school opportunities in the areas of Business Administration, Economics and Business Education. A few of the course are listed below

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Computer Applications
  • Business Policy
  • Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Production/Operations Management
  • Money and Banking
  • International Finance
  • Business Finance

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Related Clubs

There are over 50 clubs and organizations available for students to participate in at Ferrum College.  These are specifically related to Business Administration:

  • Phi Beta Lambda: An honorary economic club.
  • Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE): Offers students hands-on experience in various types of business, from annual competitions to establishing and managing the first Subway restaurant run by college students.

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Experiential & hands-on learning opportunities

» Internships: Students are strongly urged to explore career opportunities and to establish mentors through an internship.

» Bus 291-492: Service Learning for Business.

» Bus 395: Directed Study.

» Participating on an Athletic Team

» Student Government Positions

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What can I be with a major in Business Administration, General Business, and Economics?

A major in Business Administration could lead to a traditional career such as a manager or could open doors to many other fields.  For example,:

  • You could be a(n) ...
  • Manager
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Bank Officer
  • Insurance Agent
  • Business Educator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing Specialist
  • IRS Investigator
  • Fundraiser/Development Specialist
  • College Professor

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Business Administration, General Business, and Economics Programs Faculty

Professors of Ferrum College are active participants in the intellectual growth and development of their students.  The Business Administration faculty are listed below:

Rathin Basu
Professor of Economics
Ph.D. Virginia Tech
rbasu@ferrum.edu | View Profile
(540) 365-4318

Demetri Tsanacas
Professor of Business and Economics
Coordinator of Business, Economics, and Sports Management
Ph.D., Rutgers University
(540) 365-4318

N. Faye Angel
Professor of Business
Ph.D., Virginia Tech
(540) 365-4309

Michele K. Naff
Assistant Professor of Business
M.B.A., Virginia Tech
(540) 365-4312

Edward E. Groth
Instructor of Business
M.B.A., Xavier University
(540) 365-4546

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