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About the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics  

The mission of the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics is to maintain quality, up-to-date curricula in the 8 majors and 7 minors. Each program will provide academically rigorous courses and experiential learning, integrated into a liberal arts curriculum, from a well qualified and professionally engaged faculty who are able to guide science students in the development of their skills toward scientifically oriented professions.

Non-science majors will be well served by courses offered to fulfill general education requirements and will meet foundation standards while gaining an understanding of the scientific process. To these ends and in the service of our local community, the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics will engage in community outreach, providing the expertise of faculty and students for local and regional issues and with scientific data and analysis for addressing problems and developing policy.

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Programs of Study


The School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics at Ferrum College offers 9 majors and 7 minors, each designed to prepare students for careers in a broad range of fields as well as graduate training in both professional and academic disciplines.
















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Natural Sciences and Mathematics Symposium 


 Senior Capstone Presentations and Junior Poster Presentations

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Spring 2015 Symposium April 10, 2015

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