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The philosophy program at Ferrum College offers a course of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree.  Philosophy is a discipline that explores the fundamental concerns of human life, such as the structure of human existence, the existence of God, the ultimate nature of reality, the possibility of human knowledge, the role of reason, the essence of truth, the foundations of moral and aesthetic judgments, the meaning of life, and the challenge of death.

A large number of careers can be shaped or enhanced by the study of philosophy due to the analytical abilities, interpretive skills, and probing attitude which it helps to develop.  While many graduates choose to attend graduate school in philosophy, as well as other disciplines, the philosophy program also offers a solid foundation for those with an interest in writing, editing, and publishing , and excellent pre-professional preparation for those interested in seminary, law school, or medical school.  Philosophy graduates have also chosen to enter the workplace as counselors, ethical consultants, and knowledge managers in both government and private industry, while many entertainers have found degrees in philosophy to be helpful in the development of their careers.

Coursework in Philosophy

Required Courses:

PHI 101 Logic

PHI 221 Survey of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

PHI 222 Survey of Modern Philosophy

PHI 481, 482 Seminar:  Topics in Philosophical Studies

PHI 498, 499 Senior Seminar in Philosophy


18 hours from the following courses:

PHI 131 The Human Condition

PHI 211 Ethics

PHI 311 Business Ethics

PHI 316 Philosophy of Law

PHI 321 19th Century Continental Philosophy

PHI 326 Philosophy of History

PHI 331 Metaphysics

PHI 332 Phenomenology and Existentialism

PSC 303 Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Political Theories

PSC 304 Modern Ideologies

PHI 431 Philosophy of Religion


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Philosophy Club

The Ferrum College Philosophy Club is an organization of philosophy students and students interested in philosophy. Its purpose is to coordinate the various activities of, and allow for a student voice within, the Philosophy Department as a whole. The Ferrum College Philosophy Club also seeks to provide a space for an informal interaction of philosophy students and those students who have an interest in joining the department.

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Ferrum Philosophy Journal: http://ferrumsenioressaysinphilosophy.weebly.com

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Possible Careers for Philosophy Majors

A major in Philosophy can prepare students for the following careers:

College Professor








Ethical Consultant

Knowledge Manager


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Philosophy Faculty


Gary L. Angel
Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D., Purdue University
(540) 365-4343

Jack Corvin, Jr.
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D. University of Georgia
(540) 365-4526

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