The goal of the art program is to provide an excellent educational experience that develops technical skills, critical and aesthetic judgment, and a sound knowledge of the visual arts appropriate to students seeking a general appreciation of the arts as well as to aspiring fine arts professionals. The faculty engage students in the discipline of visual art as a major component in the liberal arts tradition including studio practice and art history. Students complete a common group of foundation and art history courses and then choose an emphasis area to develop a solid yet individualized program.

We offer the B.A. degree in Art with a choice of four concentrations which are listed below.

Emphasis Areas:

  • Studio Arts
  • Two-Dimensional Art
  • Three-Dimensional Art
  • Graphic Design


ART 101 Two-Dimensional Design  ART 217 Black & White Photography
ART 102 Three-Dimensional Design  ART 222 Typography & Logo Systems
 ART 104 Drawing Fundamentals  ART 307 Illustration
 ART 201 Basic Computer Graphics  ART 311 Drawing Heads, Hands, Feet
 ART 206 Introduction to Ceramics  ART 318 Introduction to Sculpture
 ART 215 Digital Photography  ART 232 Web Design

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Faculty profiles

Jacob Smith Assistant Professor of Art
Program Coordinator of Art
B.A. Roanoke College
M.F.A. The George Washington University
(540) 365-4340
David Eichelberger Assistant Professor of Art
B.F.A. University of Nebraska-Lincoln
M.F.A. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
(540) 365-4518


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