Annual Academic Theme

Transformations of Human Identity in the 21st Century

Organized by the School of Arts and Humanities


Every year at Ferrum we have a theme that is integrated into a series of lectures, events, a film series, and many of our courses. In the academic year 2011-2012 we will examine the ways in which we are reinventing our identity as human beings in an age of post-humanity. As technology is more and more insinuated into our lives, we are changing the ways in which we express ourselves artistically, politically, and spiritually. This Theme will explore our relationship to technology, science, and mass communication, among other things.

Some of the questions that our Theme events will address

  1. How does our changing world change how we see ourselves?
  2. How does technology affect how we express ourselves and how we communicate with others?
  3. What are the ethical implications of scientific exploration?
  4. What is the effect of new technologies on artistic expression?
  5. How have our roles and responsibilities changed as we become more global citizens?
  6. What is our relationship to people in other cultures and how is it being impacted by technology?
  7. How do we maintain or change our own cultural traditions in the face of globalization? 
  8. What is our responsibility to those in need in a rapidly changing world that is leaving many behind?