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College Consortium Online Classes

Ferrum College is offering variety of online courses through the College Consortium, a network of accredited colleges and universities that share online course offerings.  The course equivalencies below indicate approved online College Consortium courses and the Ferrum College equivalent.    The varying sessions within multiple terms reflect Ferrum College’s commitment to ensuring students have access to the courses they need to complete their degree. The consortium courses also provide students with the opportunity to get ahead in coursework or to repeat a course to improve their grade point average.  It is important to note that a College Consortium course will affect your grade-point average just like a Ferrum College course.

Academic Accommodations

If you believe you may need academic accommodations during any Consortium term, as related to a disability and your course, please notify Professor Nancy Beach, OAA Director.  When possible, notifying OAA before the start date will help with the timeliness of granting the accommodations for your request.

Students enrolled in a Ferrum College Consortium class may be eligible for academic accommodations that align with their disability documentation.  If you would like information about academic accommodations, you may contact Nancy Beach for assistance or to discuss the process.

Requests for accommodations must be made promptly, and are not retroactive in most cases.

Academic Support

If you have questions or concerns regarding accommodations or need academic support please click here and a representative will respond to you within 48 hours.

Register for Online Classes

If you would like to take an online course, login to College Consortium with your student email address and filter by Term to see the current list of available courses.

Course Equivalencies

The course equivalencies indicate approved online College Consortium courses and the Ferrum College equivalent.

College ConsortiumFerrum College
BIO 1407BIO 110          Introduction to Biology I
BIO 1406BIO 111          Introduction to Biology II
BSC 2025BIO 320          Nutrition
BS-CP 235BUS 230        Computer Applications
CRIJ 1301CJU 201         Criminal Justice
CRIJ 1310CJU 220         Criminal Law
ECO 2013ECO 201        Macroeconomics
ECO 1023ECO 202        Microeconomics
ENC 1101ENG 101        Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 1301ENG 101        Composition and Rhetoric
ENC 2102ENG 102        Composition and Research
ENGL 1302ENG 102        Composition and Research
HIST 1301HIS 201          American History I
HIST 1302HIS 202          American History II
MEA 2244HSC 290        Topics in Health Sciences
INP 3224SOC 203        Cultural Diversity
MAT 1033MTH 100        Intermediate Algebra
MATH 1301MTH 105        Fundamentals of Mathematics
MATH 1314MTH 111        Pre-Calculus I
STA 2023MTH 208        Introductory Statistics
MATH 1342MTH 208        Introductory Statistics
POLS 2301PSC 101         American National Government
GOVT 2306PSC 202         State and Local Government
SS-PY 110PSY 201         General Psychology
SS-PY 320PSY 230         Social Psychology
SS-PY 330PSY 320         Abnormal Psychology
MT-BI 100REL 111         Literature of the Bible
BIOL 2404SCI 128&      The Healthy Human Body (2) &
SCI 129          The  Diseased Human Body (2)
MEA 2235SCI 128&      The Healthy Human Body (2) &
SCI 129          The  Diseased Human Body (2)