Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts

(Students majoring in Theatre cannot minor in Theatre. Nor can students minor in both Theatre and Educational Theatre)

The Theatre Generalist minor is concentrated in the study of acting, directing, theatre history and literature. Students work out a coherent program of courses with the theatre faculty. All minors require a minimum of 18 credits, 9 of which are at the 300-400 level.

Required Courses:

   THA 100 Theatre Appreciation 3
   THA 111 Fundamentals of Acting I 3
   THA 246 Play Production I or 202 Stage Craft 3

Choose 3 hours from the following:

   THA 301 World Theatre 3
   THA 302 World Theatre 3

Choose 4 hours from following electives

   THA 336 Creative Dramatics in School, Church, and Community 3
   THA 222 Voice and Diction 3
   THA 112 Fundamentals of Acting II 3
   THA 320 Advanced Acting and Performance Theory 4
   THA 281-288 Academic Theatre Practicum
   (only 1 practicum credit can be used toward the minor)

Total Hours Required (at least 9 at the 300-400 level)    19