(minor required) B.A. Degree

The Spanish major provides a program of study designed to give fluency in oral and written communication, the ability to read, understand, and analyze Hispanic literature, and an appreciation of the cultures of Spain and Latin America. The Spanish major also prepares the student for travel and study abroad, for careers in international business and in government, for professions involving foreign language, and for graduate work. With a major in Spanish, students will acquire a foreign language proficiency of value not only in career pursuits but also in the broader experience of today's world.

The Experiential Component (requirement of the major) can be met by successfully completing the following:

   An approved study abroad program
   An E-Term in Spanish
   SPA 499.

 Required Major Courses (9 hours):

   SPA 301 Advanced Grammar and Composition 3
   SPA 302 Advanced Speaking and Comprehension (Speaking Intensive) 3
   SPA 498 Senior Thesis (to be done in the senior year) 3

Major Electives (Any 21 hours from the following):

   SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I 3
   SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II 3
   SPA 320 Introduction to Literature in Spanish 3
   SPA 325 Spanish Culture 3
   SPA 326 Latin American Culture 3
   SPA 351, 352 Conversation Circle I, II 2
   SPA 403 Spanish Literature 3
   SPA 404 Latin American Literature Spanish 3
   SPA 411 Professional Spanish 3
   SPA 451 Directed Study 3
   SPA 452 Directed Study 3
   SPA 499 Internship 3

Liberal Arts Electives (Any 6 hours from the following):

ECO 430 Development Economics 3
ENG 201 World Literature I 3
ENG 202 World Literature II 3
ENG 210 World Folktales and Literature 3
ENG 401 Literary Criticism 3
HIS 380 Latin America 3
HIS 382 U.S.-­‐Latin American Relations 3
PSC 302 Political Geography 3
PSC 306 Politics and Human Rights 3
PSC 435 Political Economy of Development 3
REL 111 Literature of the Bible 3
REL 113 Literature of the New Testament 3
REL 151 World Religions 3


Total Hours Required in Major     36
(minor required)

Spanish Education Endorsement
Ferrum College offers teaching licensure in Spanish (grades PK-12) through the selection of a minor in Teacher Education with specialization in All-Level Education. This licensure requires passing state mandated testing prior to enrollment in EDU 402 – The Profession of Teaching: Student Teaching Field Experience and EDU 403 - The Profession of Teaching: Student Teaching Synthesis. Students pursuing licensure must complete all components of the Teacher Education Minor. (See Teacher Education minor)

  • PSY 211 & PSY 291 required
    EDU 310, EDU 312 and ENG 336 must be taken as part of the major to fulfill the understanding of how to apply basic concepts of phonology, syntax, and morphology to the teaching of the foreign language both at the elementary and secondary levels.