(minor required) B.A. or B.S. Degree

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Baccalaureate majors receive a broad background in the science of psychology which prepares them to enter graduate or professional schools or prepares them for careers in which knowledge of human thought and behavior is essential. In the junior and senior years, students may elect field placement and internship experiences which integrate classroom learning with practical professional experience and which enhance preparedness for employment or graduate training. Students qualify for an internship by receiving the recommendations of two psychology faculty members, by earning a 2.5 grade-point average, and by successfully completing an interview with departmental faculty members. Further preparation is provided by opportunities to participate in the Psychology Club, Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology, and the professional psychological conferences, a regional undergraduate spring meeting at which Ferrum students frequently qualify to present their research papers.

The Experiential Component (requirement of the major) can be met by successfully completing one of the following:

  PSY 499 Internship
  PSY 496 Directed Study
  PSY 299 Field Experience
  PSY 307 Research Methods in Psychology II
  PSY 306 Research Methods in Psychology I

Required Liberal Arts Core Courses

   Students majoring in Psychology must take MTH 107. MTH 206 or 208 is highly recommended.

Degree Specific Requirements

Six hours of foreign language are required as Degree Specific Requirements for the B.A. degree in psychology. MTH 306 is highly recommended.

Required Courses (19 hours)

  PSY 201 General Psychology 3
  PSY 206 APA Style Writing 2
  PSY 297, 398 Professional Seminar 2
  PSY 306 Research Methods in Psychology I 3
  PSY 307 Research Methods in Psychology II 3
  PSY 333 Biological Psychology 3
  PSY 498 Professional Seminar IV: Science of Psychology 3


Major Electives  (Choose 20 hours from the following):

  PSY 211 Human Growth and Development – Child and Adolescent 3
  PSY 212 Human Growth and Development – Adulthood 3
  PSY 230 Social Psychology 3
  PSY 298 Pre-Professional Placement 3
  PSY 299 Field Experience 1-2
  PSY 314 Learning 3
  PSY 320 Abnormal Psychology 3
  PSY 325 Psychopathology in Children 3
  PSY 328 Health Psychology 3
  PSY 331 Cognitive Development 3
  PSY 335 Psychological Assessment 3
  PSY 340 Personality 3
  PSY 345 Sport Psychology 3
  PSY 348 Introduction to Techniques of Counseling 3
  PSY 438 Topics in Psychology 1-9
  PSY 450 History and Systems of Psychology 3
  PSY 496 Directed Study in Psychology 1-3
  PSY 499 Internship 3-9


Total Hours Required in Major    39

(minor required)

PSY 201 is normally a prerequisite for all other psychology courses. For PSY 211, 212, and 230, permission of the instructor may be substituted for the PSY 201 prerequisite. There are additional prerequisites for PSY 306-307, PSY 348, PSY 450, PSY 496 and PSY 498 (see course descriptions).