Political Science

Political Science

(minor required) B.A. or B.S. Degree

Political science is the study of governments, how they are organized, what they do, and how they deal with other governments. Every citizen of a democracy should know something about his/her government, and other governments, and majoring in political science also opens up many career opportunities. Political science is an ideal major for a student intending to go to law school, and is also good preparation for government work, business, education, and other fields.

The Experiential Component (requirement of the major) can be met by successfully completing the following:

   PSC 399 Citizenship and Service Learning

Degree Specific Requirements:

   B.S. Degree: Choose any two: HIS 101, 102, 201 or 202 6
   B.A. Degree: 6 hours of Foreign Language at 200-level or above  

Required Courses (15 hours)

   PSC 101 American National Government and Politics 3
   PSC 202 State and Local Government OR PSC 203 International Politics or PSC 205      Comparative Government 3
   PSC 399 Citizenship and Service Learning 3
   PSC 498 Political Science Senior Seminar 3
   SSC 251 Introduction to Social Science Research 3

Government Major Electives (Choose 6 hours from the following):

   PSC 310 Political Parties and Groups in the U.S. 3
   PSC 324 U.S. Constitutional Law 3
   PSC 384 The President and Congress* 3
   PSC 420 War and Peacekeeping – U.S. National Security Policy 3

Comparative and International Relations Major Electives (Choose 6 hours from the following):

   PSC 302 Political Geography 3
   PSC 306 Politics and Human Rights 3
   PSC 435 Political Economy of Development 3
   PSC 440 International Law and Organization** 3

Theory and Methods Major Electives (Choose 6 hours from the following):

   PSC 300 Research Methods 3
   PSC 303 Political Theory from Socrates to Locke 3
   PSC 304 Modern Ideologies 3
   PSC 402 Policy Analysis 3

Other Major Electives (Choose 6 hours from the following):

   May be any Political Science courses not used to satisfy the above requirements.
   PHI 101 Logic 3
   PSC 207 Special Issues 3
   PSC 277 African Film, Politics, and Literature 3
   PSC 491 Topics 3
   PSC 496 Individual/Collaborative Study 3
   PSC 499 Internship 3-9

Total Hours Required in Major    39
(minor required)
Prerequisites: *PSC 101, **PSC 203