Environmental Science

Environmental Science

B.S. Degree

The Environmental Science program provides students with state-of-the art training and an interdisciplinary background that will enable them to deal with important environmental problems of the 21st century. In addition to the liberal arts core curriculum required by Ferrum College and required environmental science courses, students must complete courses in biology, chemistry, earth sciences, economics, geography and statistics. Environmental problems are approached from a holistic basis and experiential learning is emphasized. An internship is required and independent research is encouraged. Ferrum's Environmental Science Program offers students flexibility in developing their own interests. Students are encouraged to pursue a minor, but it is not required.

The Experiential Component (requirement of the major) can be met by successfully completing the following:

   ESC 102 Introduction to Environmental Science
   NSM 499 Internship

Liberal Arts Core Courses and Degree Specific Requirements

   BIO 111 General Biology 4
   CHM 101 or 103 General Chemistry 4
   MTH 111 Pre-Calculus I 3
Required Environmental Science Courses (26 hours)
   BIO 201 Vertebrate Zoology OR BIO 301 Invertebrate Zoology 4
   BIO 202 Plant Science OR BIO 306 Nonvascular Plants and Fungi 4
   CHM 105 OR 301 Organic Chemistry 4
   ESC 102 Introduction to Environmental Science 4
   ESC 103 Applied Environmental Monitoring 4
   ESC 202 Quantitative Environmental Methods and Statistics 4
   ESC 203 Fundamentals of Ecology 4
   ECO 315 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics OR
   ESC 310 Natural Resource Policy and Economics
   GEO 220 Introduction to Physical Geography 4
   GEO 221 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems 4
   NSM 307, 497, 498 Seminar 6
   NSM 399 Professional Preparation 1
   NSM 499 Internship 3

Required Environmental Science Electives (Choose 8 hours from the following):

   AGY 315 Soil Science 4
   BIO 301 Invertebrate Zoology (if not used to meet Required Courses above) 4
   BIO 306 Nonvascular Plants and Fungi (if not used to meet Required Courses above) 4
   BIO 311 Field Botany 4
   BIO 315 Animal Behavior 3
   BIO 413 Animal Diseases 3
   CHM 305 Analytical Chemistry 4
   CHM 412 Environmental Chemistry 3
   ECO 315 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (if not used to meet Required Courses above) 3
   ESC 302 Conservation Biology 3
   ESC 310 Environmental Planning and Assessment (if not used to meet Required Courses above) 3
   ESC 313 Natural Resource Management 3
   ESC 321 Aquatic Ecology 4
   ESC 405 Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Management 5
   ESC 413 Forest Science and Management 5
   ESC 421 Pollution Science 4
   ESC 424 Environmental Toxicology 3
   HOR 415 Plant Diseases 4
   SOC 303 Population Dynamics 3
   SOC/EPD 392 Eco-Social Justice: Issues and Applications 3
   Travel Courses:
   ESC 205 Tropical and Marine Ecology 4
   ESC 206 Community Ecology of the Southeast 4
   ESC 207 South African Ecology and Culture 4
   ESC 208 Ireland's Natural History: Interaction of Nature and Culture 4
   Variable Credit Courses:
   ESC 180-481 Environmental Science Practicum
   ESC 390 Special Topics in Environmental Science
   ESC 495, 496 Independent Research

Total Hours Required in Major    57