Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems

B.S. Degree

Computer Information Systems is an interdisciplinary major intended to prepare students in the specialized areas of Web Design, Networking, Technical Support, and Programming.  Starting from a solid foundation in business and computer concepts, students learn to appreciate and understand the relationships between these two disciplines.  The major prepares students to design and implement information decision support systems: hence, they can fill management, planning, and decision-making roles within any organization.  In addition, the emphasis areas will further enable students to fill positions that require specialized skills in computer technology areas.  This major also prepares students for graduate studies in business, information systems, or related fields.

Graduates from this major may expect to secure jobs as Web Designers, Graphic Art Specialists, Network Specialist/Administrators, Computer Help Desk Specialists and Programmers.
The Experiential Component (requirement of the major) can be met by successfully completing one of the following:

   CSC 242 Networking
   CSC 230 Web Design
   CSC 499 Internship

Required Liberal Arts Core Courses

   MTH 203 Concepts in Calculus (or higher) 3
   ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics 3

Degree Specific Requirements

   ACC 201, 202 Principles of Accounting 6
   MTH 206 Introductory Statistics with Business Applications 3

I.  Common Required Courses (41 hours)

  CSC 101 Introduction to Computers and Information Systems 3
  CSC 225 Intro to Visual Basic 4
  CSC 340 Visual Basic for Applications 4
  CSC 401 Database Theory 3
  CSC 450 Computer Simulation 3
  CSC 498 Senior Research Seminar 3
  BUS 230 Computer Applications 3
  BUS 303 Principles of Management 3
  BUS 308 Business Communications 3
  BUS 325 Advanced Computer Applications 3
  BUS 330 Quantitative Methods 3
  BUS 331 Production/Operations Management 3
  BUS 430 Management Information Systems 3


II.  Emphasis Areas (12-13 hours)

A.  Web Design

   BUS 318 Introduction to Electronic Commerce 3
   CSC 230 Web Design 3
   ART 201 Graphic Art 3
   CSC 310 Java 3
B.  Networking
   CSC 350 Operating Systems 3
   CSC 242 Networking I - Intro to Networking 3
   CSC 342 Networking II - Administration and TCP/IP 3
   CSC 442 Networking III - Hardware/Router Configuration 3

C.  Technical Support

   CSC 102 Hardware Maintenance and Troubleshooting 3
   CSC 312 Computer Organization 3
   CSC 350 Operating Systems 3
   CSC 242 Networking I - Intro to Networking 3

D.  Programming

   CSC 320 Programming Using C++ 3
   CSC 321 Data Structures 4
   CSC 310 Java 3
   MTH 311 Discrete Math 3

Total Hours Required in Major (Depending on Emphasis Area)    53-54

NOTE: CSC 499 - Internship is strongly recommended

Ferrum College offers teaching licensure in Career and Technical Education - Business and Informational Technology (grades 6-12) through the selection of a minor in Teacher Education with specialization in Secondary Education.  This licensure requires passing state mandated testing prior to enrollment in EDU 402 – The Profession of Teaching: Student Teaching and EDU 403 - The Profession of Teaching: Student Teaching Synthesis. Students pursuing licensure must complete all components of the Teacher Education Minor.