Democracy, Justice, and Civic Engagement

Democracy, Justice, and Civic Engagement

B.A. Degree

The Democracy, Justice, and Civic Engagement Program (DJCE) will educate students to examine the world around them critically, though the use of normative and empirical research, as well as hands on experience. Students will then apply the knowledge and skills they develop to become engaged and informed citizens. DJCE students will be expected to master these core components of the program: evaluate the advantages, disadvantages and trade-offs of democratic and non-democratic citizenship; to examine these questions in the light of both Western and non-Western thought by studying a wide array of differing points of view; and demonstrate reflective reasoning and ethical action in regards to the need for social justice. Additionally, students will also be expected to master skills related to performing well within the discipline: to be able to comprehend, assess, and problematize their own beliefs, those of their instructors, as well as wider societal conceptions; critique social research, both their own research and others'; and be able to construct and defend arguments logically. After completing the program, DJCE students should be prepared for careers and life-long growth in political, legal, or social activist careers, working locally, regionally or globally.

The Experiential Component (requirement of the major) can be met by successfully completing one of the following:

   PSC 399 Citizenship and Service Learning
   SSC 299 Digital Storytelling


 Required Liberal Arts Core Courses (10 hours)

   SOC 101 General Sociology 3
   PHI 101 Logic 3
   ESC 102 Introduction to Environmental Science 4


Degree Specific Requirements (9 hours)

   PSC 101 American National Government and Politics 3
   PSC 203 International Relations 3
   ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics 3


Required DJCE Courses (15 hours)

   DJC 201 Understanding Democracy, Justice, and Civic Engagement 3
   DJC 202 Practicing Democracy, Justice, and Civic Engagement 3
   DJC 350 Synthesizing Democracy, Justice, and Civic Engagement 3
   DJC 496 Individual or Collaborative Study 3
   DJC 498 Democracy, Justice, and Civic Engagement Senior Seminar 3


Required non-DJCE Courses (21 hours)

   ENG 338 Rhetoric 3
   PHI 211 Ethics 3
   PSC 300 Research Methods or SOC 470 Social Sciences Research 3
   PSC 399 Citizenship and Service Learning or SSC 299 Digital Storytelling 3
   PSY 201 General Psychology 3
   SOC 202 Social Problems 3
   SSC 251 Introduction to Social Science Research 3


Legal, Policy, and Advocacy Electives (select 6 hours from the following):

   ACC 290 Accounting Practicum 1
   ACC 390 Accounting Practicum 1
   ACC 490 Accounting Practicum 1
   CJU 320 Deviance and Social Control 3
   ECO 315 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 3
   ECO 430 Development Economics 3
   PHI 316 Philosophy of Law 3
   PSC 324 US Constitutional Law 3
   PSC 435 Political Economy of Development 3
   PSC 440 International Law and Organizations 3
   SWK 320 Social Welfare Policy 3

 Groups, Cultures, and Nationalities Electives (select 15 hours from the following):

   HIS 380 Latin American History 3
   HIS 382 United States-Latin American Relations 3
   PSC 205 Comparative Government 3
   PSC 304 Modern Ideologies 3
   PSC 306 Politics and Human Rights 3
   PSY 230 Social Psychology 3
   REL 151 World Religions 3
   REL 245 Religion and Public Life 3
   SOC 203 Sociology of US Cultural Diversity 3
   SOC 310 Social Class and Inequality 3
   SOC 340 Collective Behavior and Social Movements 3

 Total Hours Required in Major 57