Agriculture Sciences (AGS)

Agricultural Sciences (AGS)

110 Agriculture Issues
Introduces the discipline of agriculture by exploring problems, issues, and philosophies of its practice through history and around the world.
Three hours, three credits.

180, 181, 280, 281, 380, 381, 480, 481 Practicum
Allows the student to gain firsthand experience and knowledge of procedures and practices common to the field by providing service to program, college, business, and/or the community. Repeated for up to 8 credits, assuming a range of experiences.
Prerequisite: AGS 110. Pass/Fail
Forty-five service hours, one credit.

195, 196, 295, 296, 395, 396, 495, 496 Independent Research
Under faculty supervision, students will design and carry out a vigorous scientific study of a specific problem in agriculture. Written and oral presentations of the research are required.
Prerequisites: Prerequisite coursework and skills determined by individual instructors.
One to three credits.

218 Regional Experiences in Agriculture
This course is an intensive study of crop and animal production in this region. The course requires several field trips to nearby farms including a trip to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
Six hours, four credits.

314 Animal and Plant Breeding and Genetics
Investigates applied animal and crop breeding and genetics, the anatomy and physiology of reproduction, and the factors affecting reproductive efficiency. Also includes a section on artificial insemination, embryo transfer, cloning, and newer technologies.
Prerequisites: ASI 201 and BIO 202.
Six hours, four credits.

390, 490 Special Topics in Agriculture
Specifically designed for agriculture majors to be able to design an independent study class in a specialized field that is not normally in the schedule.
One to four hours credit.

417 Farm Business Management
Consideration is given to the institutions which are related to the resources employed in agriculture with particular attention to the implication related to the various methods of acquiring them. The primary emphasis of the course will be the organization and use of the farm for maximum profit. This course includes the preparation of a farm business plan.
Five hours, three credits.