Prospective students and their parents are cordially invited to visit Ferrum College. Appointments for interviews and tours of the campus may be arranged by calling the Admissions Office, which is located in the Spilman-Daniel House, at (540)365-4290 or 1-800-868-9797. Staff are available weekdays for interviews and tours from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., and by appointment, on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon, except during holiday weekends.

Admissions Standards

To be accepted as full-time degree candidates, applicants must meet the following qualifications: graduate from an accredited high school with a standard or advanced studies diploma, receive a high school equivalency certificate based on the General Educational Development Test (GED), or complete a home-school curriculum comparable to that required for high school graduation. When the Admissions Committee is reviewing an applicant for admission it considers the following: courses taken in high school, grades in courses recommended for admission to Ferrum, extracurricular activities, SAT I or ACT scores, recommendations, admissions interview (if required), and other information available relevant to the applicant's academic or disciplinary record.

Recommended High School Preparation

Students applying to Ferrum College should have completed the recommended number of years suggested for each of the following courses:

English 4
Social Science 3
Math (at least Algebra 1) 3
Science (1 lab) 2
Foreign Language 2
Electives 2

On a selective basis the College is willing to consider students whose preparation does not include all of these subjects. Although personal interviews are encouraged, they are not required for all students. However, the Admissions Committee may require an interview for students who have not completed the recommended number of academic courses or lack the appropriate G.P.A. or standardized test scores. The results of the interview will be used in the admissions decision.

When to Apply for Admission

Fall – Candidates for the fall semester at Ferrum College may apply for admission upon completion of their junior year of high school.

Spring – Candidates for the spring semester should apply at least thirty days prior to the beginning of the spring term (see Academic Calendar section).

How to Apply for Admission

Visit www.ferrum.edu to apply online or request a paper application by calling 1-800-868-9797, or in writing to the Office of Admissions. Applications should be sent to the Admissions Office with a nonrefundable fee of $25 to: Office of Admissions, Spilman-Daniel House, Ferrum College, P.O. Box 1000, Ferrum, VA 24088-9000.

Applicants should: 

  1. Request that an official transcript of his/her secondary school record be sent to the Admissions Office. This interim record will be used in making the admissions decision. Upon graduation from high school, applicants must request a final transcript be sent certifying graduation with a standard or advanced studies diploma.
  2. Request that the results of Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT I) or the American College Testing (ACT) be sent to the Admissions Office.


College Entrance Test

Applicants who have completed high school during the year prior to enrollment are required to take either the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT I) or the American College Testing (ACT). This requirement may be waived in some instances. Information on dates and fees can be obtained from a high school guidance office or by contacting: College Board SAT Program, Princeton, NJ 08541 (www.collegeboard.org), or American College Testing Program (ACT) Box 414, Iowa City, Iowa 52243 (www.act.org).

How to Accept an Offer of Admission

A student wishing to attend Ferrum should inform the college no later than 30 days after receiving an official letter of acceptance. The entering student must send a $250 confirmation deposit (refundable until May 1) with the completed acceptance forms. The health form and roommate survey must be completed and returned to the appropriate offices at least one month prior to a student's registration.


Ferrum College offers several programs to ensure that all new students begin their college careers as smoothly and pleasantly as possible. All new freshmen and transfer students and their parents or guardians are introduced to the campus during a Panther Pre-Registration Assessment Weekend in the Summer (PAWS). Connection Weekend, an orientation program for all freshmen and transfer students, is offered immediately prior to the opening of fall semester. All incoming students must attend PAWS and Connection Weekend which include counseling, advising, orientation, and social gatherings. These programs are part of Ferrum's comprehensive Gateway – First Year Experience Program (see Gateway – First Year Experience section).

Special Admissions Categories


Admission as a Special Student

Individuals registering for fewer than 12 semester hours per term may be admitted as special students.

Admission as a Transfer Student

Ferrum welcomes transfer applicants and encourages them to visit the college campus. Transfer students should follow the same admissions procedure as outlined for recent high school graduates. In addition, transfer students must request that an official transcript of their college work be sent to the Ferrum College Admissions Office. Transfer students with more than 24 hours of transfer credit may be exempt from submitting high school transcripts and college entrance tests.

All courses which correspond to those offered at Ferrum, and which have been passed with a "C" or better grade, will be accepted for credit towards graduation. Students with transferable credit will not be required to repeat equivalent course content at Ferrum. Students must meet the number of upper level hours required for graduation by the student's major program and the College. Only credit hours, not grade point average, transfer to Ferrum College. Therefore, transfer credit does not enter into the grade point average for honors.

Transfer students will receive full consideration for housing, financial aid, and campus co-curricular activities. Transfer students may be eligible for academic merit scholarships.

Direct Transfer

When a student graduates from an accredited Virginia Community College with an Associate of Arts degree, an Associate of Science degree, or an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree transfers into Ferrum College, Ferrum College agrees that the student has satisfied the Liberal Arts Core requirements portion of its graduation requirements. If the student has not had a 3-credit Bible-based course as part of the Associate degree curriculum, then Ferrum College will require that the student successfully complete REL 111, 112, 113, or PHI 131. The student must satisfy all other graduation requirements including writing intensive, speaking intensive E-Term, and experiential learning requirements.

Similar agreements may be established with other community and junior colleges in the mid-Atlantic states. To receive additional information or a listing of these cooperative institutions, please contact the Ferrum College Admissions Office.

Leave of Absence

Students in good standing, prior to completion of a semester, may be granted a leave of absence from the College for up to two semesters for specific vocational, educational, or medical reasons. Students desiring such a leave of absence must apply in writing to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Students approved for a leave of absence must also apply for readmission as described in the section below. Financial aid recipients should check with the Financial Aid Office as federal guidelines do not allow for more than a 180 day leave of absence without impacting your aid. Students withdrawing mid semester should see "Withdrawal from College" section.

Readmission for Former Ferrum Students

Former Ferrum students seeking readmission should write to the Dean of Admissions. Readmission petitions from students who are not in good academic standing will be reviewed by the Registrar's Office and the Dean of Admissions. Students must also be in good standing with student accounts and student affairs before petitions for re-admission will be considered. Full-time students who leave the college and are readmitted will be subject to meeting the requirements of the current catalog (refer to the Academic Policies section of this catalog under the "Regulations Governing Catalog" for additional clarification).

Advanced Placement and Credit by Examination

Ferrum College offers advanced placement to those students who satisfactorily demonstrate a high level of proficiency in a given subject area. Advanced placement (exemption from lower-level courses) is sometimes granted on the basis of nationally normed tests, or on occasion, on locally prepared departmental tests. Decisions are based on individual cases and require the approval of the appropriate Dean.

Course credit as well as advanced standing may be earned through the Advanced Placement Test Program of the College Entrance Examination Board, the College Level Examination Program, and the International Baccalaureate Program. Advanced Placement credit may be granted upon presentation of a score of 3 or above. International Baccalaureate credit may be granted upon presentation of a score of 5 or above. Official scores are required before credit can be granted.

Qualified students may also earn credit for Ferrum courses by successfully completing locally prepared departmental examinations. Students interested in pursuing this possibility should consult with the program coordinator of the program which offers the particular course. No more than 10% of a student's coursework at Ferrum College may be earned by such examinations (see Miscellaneous Fees).

Veterans’ Credit

Credit for educational experiences in the Armed Forces may be granted, based on recommendations of the American Council of Education. Credits are recorded for students after completion of at least one semester (15 or more semester hours) of resident study at Ferrum with a 2.000 or better academic average. Veterans must provide their DD-214 along with any military transcripts to the Registrar's Office.

Admission as an International Student

International students desiring admission to the college are encouraged to apply as early as possible. They must submit to the college:

  1. Copy of high school transcript translated into English.
  2. Score results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (T.O.E.F.L.) exam, or the English Proficiency Exam (E.P.E.), or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (S.A.T.) are required.
  3. Personal Financial Information sheet (provided by the Admissions Office).

The I-20 Form is provided only after a student is accepted and has demonstrated the ability to pay tuition, room, board, and fees.